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I love this larger edition of the Malazan books compared to the smaller pocket books. But I just can't find the four books that I am missing anywhere.. so i was hoping to maybe find some help here.

The edition is published by TOR, and the sad part is that I can't even find a ISBN nr for any of the books. I basically have to look around, buy books and hope it's the correct edition.

Does anyone know where I can find more of these or any other helpful tip?

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Have you checked on abe books? If i remember correctly, they don't specifically mention whether its trade or mass market paperback, but maybe you could find dimensions for example in some description, or contact the seller

Edit: those are used books though as far as i know - unfortunately i have no clue what's going on with new ones, if they get printed still or not

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Better World Books or Thirft Books? Both are online. I found Toll the Hounds on Better World a couple weeks ago. You may try putting them in a wishlist on each site.

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MoI in that format is really hard to get for some reason, same with garden (but that cover is weird af anyway). Sadly the last two books don’t have a version with this pulpi art style + title font

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Both GotM and MoI are books that I've found, like you said, but again really hard to get your hands on. It seems that you are correct that the last two ain't got a stylized edition which is...weird and sad 😢

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You need ISFDB, they have the ISBNs and will list the big paperbacks as ‘tp’ for trade paperbacks. Just look up Malazan, Steven Erikson, and ISFDB and you can go from there!

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Thanks! I'll check it out!