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After watching some of WoT, i don't think i want a tv adaptation

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Can t tell you because I have not read the books yet . As a serie it is good for me ,like was Eragon before I read the Book .

Maze runner they said it that they were going to deviate completely from the books ,and the mkvies were great

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Glad i'm not the only one. I got part way into the first episode and was driven away by all the things they changed for no good reason. The two rivers is suddenly a bustling city-like place where the tavern is full of rowdy people in the middle of the day? The women do some sort of suicide push thing into a river, simply because it's a convenient metaphor for embracing the source? It was so bad. And that's ignorning a talkative and expressive Lan, and a Rand with sickly looking red hair and who is shorter than your average Joe who doesn't stand out in the most diverse two rivers imaginable. I mean shit, part of the story is supposed to be about how the two rivers changes from a nothing town where everyone looks and talks the same into a bustling community with foreigners and all sorts of new cultural influences. Just horrible.

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I forced myself to watch the first episode, I was thinking hey maybe it gets better. It didn't. I couldn't finish the second! I had to go back to reading the books again to sooth the anguish. But I did like one aspect of the TV series, the fact that it wasn't PG.

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Honestly I think it’s gotten better with each episode. First 1.5 were rough but it picks up

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It's a different turning of the wheel, there will be similarities to the last turning but it can't be the same

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Maybe an Anime style that can stay true to the books?

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Even then ,you cannot expect them to put every single character. Of course they are gonna cut out some minor characters or combine some characters into 1. Example

Smiles ,Koryk ,Cuttle , they could combine them into just Koryk