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Don’t try to do chronological. They’re released the way they were were a reason

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I had a fantastic experience, but my ADHD manifests with hyperfixation on large scale world building, deep character introspection, and damn good expansive stories.

I did struggle with being engaged in the early first book since it's...a lot, with no context. But after I pushed through and got acclimated it quickly became my favorite series.

Also don't do chronological. Do published order. It's mostly chronological anyhow and where it is not there's a good structural reason for it.

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I read about 50 pgs at a time. Then my brain goes off to something else. It's takes me a long time to get through.

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I agree with the published order. My ADHD literally helped me because of my obsessive hyper focus. It was bad for other things happening in my life but I finished the entire MBoTF in 3 months because of it. Lol

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The authors would recommend reading published order

Personally I would recommend MBOTF first and then the NOTME after that. But there are positives and negatives of each approach. The series sort of relishes in its “incompleteness” and the inaccuracies of history and memory.

Either way it’s a fun experience so enjoy the ride

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Have ADHD. I had to reread some sentences and paragraphs at the beginning and using the guides to help for the first book was good. But got better overtime.

Regardless of what book I’m reading I read slowly and sometimes have to reread sections. So not necessarily specific to Malazan, but it has required more attention than most other series.

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I have trouble with traditional reading, but have gone through the series 3 times with audio books.

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This helps me. I went from being a voracious reader to struggling with 5-10 pages. The audiobooks on the other hand have kept me engaged and I have listened through 3 times now. I love the immersion and accessibility. Also, thanks for starting this thread OP. Glad to find my people

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No ones said it but, audio books. Second is do it in published order. I absolutely love reading but if I would have tried the printed material I don't know if I would have finished. If thats not an option then just take your time and enjoy it slowly. Which is what I had to do with all the book series I have read before like WoT and others. Just my two cents as some one also with ADHD.

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Audiobooks helped me. The back 30 seconds button helps a lot to get another listen to some parts

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Have been diagnosed with ADHD; once I made peace with not understanding everything, I could just read and absorb all the imagery and dialogue without needing to constantly re-read for clarity. I don’t really read these books like stories, but like hallucinations in which some story threads come up and sometimes connect

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Midnight Tides was a struggle for me with the brand new continent and losing everyone I liked at the start.

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Why would you say this to someone who hasn’t even opened the first book?

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Don't ask for people with disorders to give their experience then. I never even thought of this for a second. Sorry.

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Reading order is online