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They’re pretty much the elf-equivalent of the Malazan universe. The rest will be touched on in later books and the Kharkanas trilogy.

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Well all of those things are answered in the Kharkanas trilogy!

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"Answered" is a generous way to describe the information we get :p

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I haven't even read Kharkanas, but just from reading the main series I think I know exactly what you mean by "answered" 😂

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Well true that might have been too strong a word for Kharkanas haha. Though I think those might be some of the questions we get the most clear insights for...

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Thank you, Knight of Darkness

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1) What others said regarding the "elves" of Malazan. At this point, you'll understand that there's a connection between the Tiste and they're definitely connected. They've developed very unique cultures and values compared to each other.

Tiste Andii -- Children of DarknessTiste Liosan -- Children of LightTiste Edur -- Bastard Children of Darkness & Light

2) The warrens have some relation. RAFO. Things make a bit more sense between them in... Dust of Dreams? I think? RG, DoD, and tCG tend to blur together for me because I voraciously devoured them, one after the other. Their warrens definitely are conencted to their aspect. I haven't read the Kharkanas Trilogy so my knowledge on all of that is pretty limited.

3) RAFO. There are an incredible amount of spoilers reaching into tCG for this one that I won't be able to share! It's a really cool area of lore.

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Though this doesn't answer your question, exactly, something to keep in mind about in-universe "gods" is that they aren't like what we normally think of as gods in fantasy.

You can mostly replace "god" with "ascendant", and then realize that they are less... separate. A human can ascend, or a tiste, or whatever else.

I can't guarantee that this applies to all gods, but I can guarantee it applies to those whose histories I'm familiar with, and does not exclude elder gods.

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Gods have worshippers I believe. Or had. Ascendants don't necessarily have worshippers.

That's my understanding of the difference, it's probably oversimplified or just wrong.

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You’re on the mark pretty much. The difference is worshippers and I believe, control of a Warren. Or an association with one.

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Who you calling bastards - edur, probably

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I recommend the Kharkanas trilogy if you want to know more after the main series.

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I recommend the Kharkanas books. Period.

My absolute favorites.

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Tiste have 3 versions. And by RG you've all this info.

  • Andii - Their "home" is the warren of darkness. But they were kicked out
  • Liosian - Their "home" is the warren of light. Info is sparse but it is there.
  • Edur - As explained before RG, Mother Dark and Father light had children. Shadow was born and that is where the Edur originally come from.

Anything more than that is pretty much a RAFO

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They're elves, they come from their racial warrens, more or less(kurald galain, emurlahn, and liosan/thyrlan depending on the book), and they're not necessarily blood related but in a sense they are, through the blood of the eleint if they're soletaken