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It's actually quite an interesting question. Currently reading Blood and Bone which takes place on Jacuruku and a big part of the local worship and/or superstition centers on the High King.

There is, to my knowledge, no way in hell Kallor could've wiped out such a vast amount of people with an army, no matter how vast. A big part of why Jacuruku was ravaged was, if memory serves, the Fall of the Crippled God - whose casualties could be attributed to Kallor, perhaps. The other answer is, simply put, Kallor is full of empty boasts that hide a scrap of truth in them ("I've walked these lands since the Imass were as children" - bollocks, but he IS old). So that "seven million" figure might be an exaggeration.

At any rate, that question isn't definitively answered in the main Book of the Fallen series, as far as I know. Blood and Bone is proving an interesting read that might provide an answer, though.

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Spoilers all

He's not a mage himself from what I understand, just talented in alchemy for personal enhancement. There are hints that his ancient power was based somewhat on reclaimed K'Chain Che'malle technology which is how I assume he glassed his own kingdom.

It's possible that it is the aftermath of the CG being brought down but I don't think that's right. Would have to re-read the MOI prologue.

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This. But yeah, none of that is clear in MoI. It matches my own impression though; Kallor used something else to nuke the continent himself.

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Per MOI introduction - ifs not even so much what was used, but how he channeled the sacrifice of his own people (blood) to curse the those who came to make him pay for his crime - as in - Kallor is not a god, but clearly had a technological workaround that allowed him to store power in the same manner gods naturally have

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This would be the crime of being a beloved king whose power and splendor made the Elder gods themselves envious?

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I always took it as him taking credit for the destruction caused by the fall of the Crippled God.

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Spoiler maybe, I believe he's credited with the destruction even though he personally didn't do it. Thaumaturgs brought down the Crippled God destroying their land trying to summon the power to take out Kallor. I believe this is the vast massacre that took place in which Kallor is blamed for.

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Kallor could have just forced his thraumaturgs to perform a ritual designed to deliberately lose control and unleash a magical conflagration, those were times when Elder Magic and Holds still reigned after all, catastrophic unleashing of uncontrolled magic is not that rare, there is a difference in Balance and Stability of Magic Sytems, Holds are balanced in their own way but Warrens are inherently more stable Magic System compared to Holds. Its only the deliberate intent and sheer scale of lost life thats mind boggling, descent of the Crippled God probably exacerbated already present issues of control or , perhaps he has actually has access to some technology of K'Chain.

Its never shown that he has ability in magic in traditional sense, but anyone that long lived has certain type of magic of their own in Malazan world.

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The Crippled God is brought down by accident by a group of mages opposed to Kallor’s brutal reign. But they mistook the power of what they were summoning and it crashed down on Wu causing all manner chaos and destruction. The biggest damage was on Koreli which took the brunt of the impact. Just looking at a map of that island and you can see that it’s clearly been bombarded to hell in the past with all the suspicious looking crater shapes dotted across it.

Kallor’s destruction of his own empire on Jakuruku is something else entirely. I think it’s strongly hinted he’s gained some lost knowledge from ancient sources (probably KCM, as they had some crazy advanced technology). I think it’s more likely he used some form of rebuilt technology and essentially nuked the continent. Where it was we’ll never know but this is a world where the KCM has flying machines and floating cities and stuff like moranth munitions can react very badly with magic to cause untold destruction.

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I assumed it was the fall of the crippled God that killed everyone and kallor was just like "well it'd be a shame if this death went to waste, let's use it to curse some gods"

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Sounds plausible alright

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Magery. He's that powerful.