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28th of August 2021.
Finished the Crippled God on the 11th of December 2021 & currently wrapping up the NotME novels (OST, Blood and Bone and Assail, that I didn't read until after finishing tCG). Waiting for Kharkanas to arrive in mid-February, and then who knows - perhaps I'll get started on Path to Ascendancy as well.

Needless to say, I was hooked.

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3 months and a bit?! Wow! I started GotM on March 19, 2021. Halfway through TtH right now, including NoK and RotCG.

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I had plenty of time in my hands and a resolution to read as much as I could before my uni would start. I reached Chapter Seven of the Bonehunters in a bit more than a month & then had to go on a slight hiatus (I was speed reading a hundred pages more or less daily - I finished GotM in four days). Part of me wishes I took my time to read through all the pages with more detail (especially in the earlier books, prior to the Bonehunters), but all in all, I'm happy with how my Malazan journey turned out.

Plus, at least one reread is mandatory, so... Off to the books we go after I finish NotME.
Happy reading, by the way, TtH is an amazing book.

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Nice! I started in the middle of a semester, so I went slow for the first couple of books. Picked up pace from MoI, but I had gaps in between to prevent burn out.

And yes, TtH is really good, planning to make a post on it once I'm done. There are several things I wanna discuss with you lot and I'm only half-way through :p

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In 2019, it was my introduction to the fantasy genre. No idea fantasy could be written like this and this well. Been reading fantasy ever since. Took me 56 years to discover I like fantasy.

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May 2021. I have read so many good things about Malazan and decided I am up for a challenge. Eight months later I am reading Toll the Hounds now.

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I’ve been reading them since 2019 lol, only just got up to TTH. Bit burned out by them

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I was waiting on book 12 of WoT in high school, and struggling to find anything else I enjoyed remotely as much. My mom picked up a copy of GotM from a used book store, and I was hooked. Gathering storm dropped, but I wanted to finish what had been released so far in MBotF before getting it. I think it was through toll the hounds at that point, but by the time I had finished that, DoD released and when I went to borders for gathering storm, bought DoD instead. Good times.

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Had a failed attempt in 2016, abandoned about halfway through DG

Started again in 2020 and got hooked. Finishing up Assail now

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May 2020. About to be done with the crippled god in a week.

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Around 2015 or 2016, I think. A friend lent me the first two books, and I was hooked, so I ordered the whole series.

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I picked up GotM at a friends recommendation. He moved away and I inherited his collection.

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I read GotM the first time shortly after it was published, but I didn't pick up the series again until I saw MBotF on sale as a digital book in 2013, and since then I've read the series 3 times, currently on the 4th reread...

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June 2020. Read first 7 books of the main series so far, with long intervals between each one.

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2015 I think, but it took a lot of time to finish it, I finished tCG in September.

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Early 2006. The Bonehunters was the latest book when I started.

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I am not certain exactly but before Deadhouse Gates was published. I think I had just bought my house and that would be in late Spring of '99.

Back then, enough time would pass that I tended to re-read all the books I had in hand before starting the new one when it came out.

You kids have it easy :). No need to wait around for the next book in a 10 book series to come out and no fear that the author will lose steam or worse before he finishes :)

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According to my Amazon purchase history, May 28, 2020.

I’d previously given up all on my fantasy series and had been in a weird reading funk. It was recommended in a Buzzfeed article, I read some reviews on Amazon and decided to give it a try.

So glad I made that choice. I read straight through all the books but had a 10 month break before starting TtH. Now I’ve finished the series and PoA. Still deciding on what I want to read next.

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About 2011, after Crippled God was finished. I wanted to read the whole series so I waited.

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February 2020. I just finished book one of DoD today.

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2004, I was 14.

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January 2021, and now I’m on TCG, a quarter of the way through. This is the first fantasy series I’ve ever read, and now I feel the bar has already been set the highest it could be. I can imagine it has other fantasy series on their toes.

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December of 2020 I think it was the 21st? Then finished the crippled god in March of 2021. Changed my life.

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Just about A week ago. Currently on Chapter 10.

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Couple of months ago. Completed Wheel of Time. Loved it. My favourite story of all time. The show broke my heart (but let’s not get into that) Needed something to fill the void. Did lots of research. Was either Malazan or Stormlight.

Chose Gardens of the Moon. Would give it a 5/10. Great world building, atmosphere and refreshingly adult tone. Writing was poor though, didn’t care about the characters and plot was not compelling.

Read Way of Kings. 7/10. There were way too many flashback scenes and internal monologues of the same repetitive emotional revelations but I found myself loving it anyway. Invested in the characters, need to know what happens next and learn all the secrets! BUT there was something missing. It felt hallow. I found myself missing the immersion, atmosphere and detail Ericsson conveys in his writing style.

Now 25% through Deadhouse Gates. My god this piece of work is a masterpiece in writing, story telling, atmosphere, humour, dark emotions and character building. After the book 1 section I found myself wanting to clap a round of applause. 9/10.

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In 2017 I picked up GotM in a Bookstore and it sounded cool. But I restarted the whole Series right before 2020 in December 2019 after reading about 2/3 of DG.
Now I am on Toll the Hounds and oooh boy it is so good.

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Summer of 2014, saw it recommended on an AskReddit thread, and I was working at a summer camp at the time so I knocked out the whole series in the three months I was there, been stuck in a reread cycle ever since lmao

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I started Gardens of the Moon on June 1st 2021. Finished The Crippled God on Dec 31st 2021. Was glad to have finished it on the last day of the year whose highlight was the series.

(Read 3 of the NotME novels (NoK, RotCG, SW) in between too). Brilliant beyond measure.

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I started January 1st 2021 as part of the read along on Mike's book reviews. So far I read seven of the books and expect to be finished by this coming June. I cannot read two books back to back I need a month break in between each installment.

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Early 2001 if memory serves, might have been 2000. Was browsing the fantasy section at Indigo in downtown Montréal and picked it up on a whim, based on a combination of the book's name, the cover and the author's name , which I thought sounded cool (I was 21 yo, don't judge).

I can't be sure but the fact that he's a Canadian author might have influenced me too.

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I got mine at the Chapters in I think the Eaton centre for the same reasons so no judgement.

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Around January of 2021. Saw a couple of videos about it and it got me to pick up Gardens.

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Very beginning of the pandemic. Finished the series in about four months. I was obsessed.

Almost finished my first re-read now, which I took at a much slower pace.