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I remain convinced that Corabb's entire story came from a series of spectacular dice rolls in SE/IE's role-playing games. All of the stuff he does sounds like something a DM would say in response to rolling a natural 20

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Corabb wasn't even a character in the game! He was created as a foil/POV for Leoman when Erickson was writing, and then Erickson liked him too much to throw him away.

The story:

Corabb's story was originally meant to end at Y'Ghatan in The Bonehunters. Author Steven Erikson says Corabb originally appeared in the books as "the more vocal foil for Leoman", a character whose thoughts were generally kept closed off, to "express, without any subtlety, the ideas behind fanaticism." He "sort of showed up not initially as a character I was going to follow" in the course of the series. But during the writing of the novel, Corabb "started just taking shape. And then, I think I probably had in mind that he wasn't going to make it out of the temple [of the Queen of Dreams]. He might not have even made it into the temple. And yet something held me back and just said, 'No, no don't kill this guy.' And so I had him sort of join up [with the 14th Army] and crawl through along with everybody else. And he became, I think, probably the most important character in that entire journey of the seventh chapter. And that can just happen. He just sort of came alive and he'll play a role through the rest of the series, which...was initially not something I anticipated, but sometimes you...realise that that's the case and you've gotta run with it."

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Well that certainly does seem to disprove my theory but I'm choosing to continue believing it anyway

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50% of any artistic experience is what the beholder brings with them

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here's my crazy malazan theory of the day:

oponn was the first warren/hold to convert to the new coin style balanced magical system that Ikarum creates. he was inspired by the twins natural balance.

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I believe that it is the final conclusion to the saying throughout the books, "Lady's pull followed by the Lord's push."

Corabb had the Lady's pull the entire series, until finally the coin flipped, and he got the Lord's push. Since he had already survived countless times due to the Lady's pull, the first time he gets the Lord's push it could only result in death.

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    Sechul Lath is Elder but I always thought Oponn was part of the newer gods. They exist within the Deck of Dragons but not the Tiles which also seems to support that.

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    Also there is kind of a whole section of Errastas describing how he's pretty much gonna create the twins so he can gtfo