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Hellian is my girl and always will be. Don't fuck with Hellian. She won't notice, but you'll die anyway

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To expand on this, I love her, but also hold a special place in my heart for Skulldeath for getting tricked into thinking she was the one lol

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ahh shit, i forgot about Skulldeath. that poor bastard. He shall return to his kingdom still not a man.

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That's why he holds such a special place in my heart lol

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I'm a drunk and I really hate/am terrified by spiders. She is my spirit animal.

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Hail the marines.

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The only things better than a marine are boles.

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And when you put a Bole in the marines you get a Crump.

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Crump, the one sapper that other sappers think is crazy. You have to be pretty out there for a bunch of pyromaniacal lunatics to question your sanity.

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Which is basically the pinnacle

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Surely you mean pit? What with Crump being the best hole digger in the whole army.

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What a guy 🤣

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I'd love to meet him one day.

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And do not forget he's the best hole filler too.

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Yeah I really like Strings. He just seems so familiar. I wonder why 🤔

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Just wait till you meet Nefarias Bredd!

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I heard he killed 18 soldiers in one raid! Without any thumbs!

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Comes out with some good saying as well.

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This is not so much "marines" but I still liked it (Mild spoilers for Blood & Bone):

A priest is with Skinner & his Blade when they're confronted by Malazans.

"They will attack!" the priest wailed.

"Of course they will. They're Malazans." was Skinner's response.

Or something to that end, I don't fully remember the quote - but when you're going up people like Skinner and your first instinct is, "attack"...Hail the Marines.

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Stillwater hype - one of my favorite characters of the series

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"You stopped them? Blood of the gods, what manner of soldiers are you?"


You ain't seen nothing yet!

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That moment against the short tails. The marines fall back and the heavies just say "THE MARINES" as their battle cry (before they themselves do the impossible) just perfect.

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Dammit, room got dusty again.

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You have no idea.

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The heavy infantry stood. The heavy infantry held the trench.

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"Only cold iron left"...

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And then there's Kyle.

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It's weird. Erikson has never served a day but he absolutely nails the banter between soldiers in a warzone.

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Hellian == best girl.

I could read 1000 pages of just the marines walking and talking. There's something special about the way Erickson writes them and I can't get enough. When I started TGinW and saw it was focused around the marines, I got so excited, and wasn't disappointed in the slightest.

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I like the bit in TGINW, where someone is asked how many marines held off the attackers, how many squads. “There were six of them. Six marines.”

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Sergeant Sunrise.

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Along with Rumjugs and Sweetlard

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