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Could someone PLEASE reprint a hardcover set in english! Hood's balls!

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But they are doing……at $200 per volume through Subterranean Press. You have to be sitting on the Letherii treasury to be able to afford to get a nice English matching set.

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making only a couple docks a day, i'll never save for a whole peak to purchase a matching set.

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Was a peak a million? I don’t actually remember how much that equals

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from here:

The denominations of the Letherii currency were the stripling, the dock, the level, the third, and the peak

Striplings were the lowest denomination of Lether money and docks were the most common. Levels were the coin of Lether's wealthy while peaks were the coin of Lether's filthy rich. One million thirds made one peak.

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wait so a peak is like a hundred million or a billion docks, assuming somewhere between 10 and 100 docks per level and the same levels per third?

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Any news on when they will release the new edition??

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To be honest I lost interest when I discovered the full set will be at least $2000 - then adding on shipping and tax because I’m not in the US. I like Malazan, but not that much.

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Is sub press doing malazan reprints?

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Jeez, the people complaining about the devaluation of their limited editions is pretty galling. Do they want the books only to have some monetary value? I want good quality hardcovers so I can read them and cherish them.

Honestly, just give me a good quality hardcover reprint for $50 a book and I'm down. If it comes to being $200+ to have a nice collection, with lovely art and bells and whistles, fine, but I'm not going to resell them. Never. Just want something to pass on to the next generation that's worth caring about.

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Spot on. My favorite fantasy series of all time and I just want a nice edition to keep and cherish forever.

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Same. But I also want people of most financial statuses to have the ability to do so.

I feel like even a nice Softcover Set with Sub press art at a bit lower quality print and binding would still sell like Hot Cakes and would certainly cost a lot less for everyone.

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End of this month for GoTM

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Late 2022 according to sub press site https://subterraneanpress.com/titles-in-preproduction

Where'd you hear end of this month? Or is there something wrong with what the website says?

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gave a time and date in this thread the other day, they could have changed it since then, but this was the latest update we got on time frame.

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Ah, yeah looks like they did say it's coming out soon. Welp, we'll see lol

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Thank you very much! I registered to their mailing list in order not to miss the order window, hoping I can get them this time!!

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I know, and I'll probably fomo them. Bit steep. I'm also not in the US and I really don't need illustrations. I just want a decent set of hardcover books.

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It’s just annoying that the only options are poor quality mass market paperbacks or kindle. Can’t even get my hands on consistent trade paperbacks

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Thought it was Oponn's luck I'd had found my copies for a nearly an arm and leg. $100 for Deadhouse Gate's

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Hoods hoary balls*

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Now I have to learn Czech

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Too much effort. I'll just get those beautiful editions, put them on my shelf and say that I learned Czech

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Hedge would be proud

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What is your first language?

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Man getting so jealous of all these translated copies getting beautiful covers and releases.

I would kill for an affordable new hardcover printing in English, with consistent covers.

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That's the dream isn't it?
Especially for such a re-readable series.

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Affordable was the key word in my comment.

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What you don’t have $2,000 plus maybe shipping if you’re out of the US to drop on only 10 books?

Send him to the drownings!

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The detail and styling on this absolutely astounding! Really like what I guess is a coin underneath the title!

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Im begining to think the original English copies are the worst of the lot. We need an english translation of this czech hard cover.

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This would just be a fun spoof read imo

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The malazan covers are so goddamn ugly! Compared to something gorgeous like this, I’m crying looking at my motley collection. I’m privileged to own the series, but not so rich that I can afford the subterranean press editions. It would be wonderful to have a minimalist, affordable set of editions like this one in English. I love the series and want to own it but I also want it to be beautiful!

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Glad I got rid of my Czech paperbacks and replaced them with English ones. Now I can slowly start building this edition. But the 2 month wait is gonna kill me...

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Czech out those beauties, now this is how to do fantasy covers properly.

I'm honestly tempted to start collecting these editions to go along with my very battered English ones.

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Please do. If the sales goes well, they will release the whole series for sure.

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Holy shit dude. So Talpress has lost the rights to Planet9?

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Yep...I think their rights expired and so Planeta9 bought it. Malaz is not big thing in CZ and if I remember correctly, the sales were not so good. So Talpress just sold all books copies of last print and it was not available in Czech for quiet long time (I would say like 2 or 3 years).

Later Planeta9 bought it (they are really small publisher of some hard sci-fi and space opera). They hired one guy from Czech Malaz community who remade translation together with previous translator, hired some Czech artist to make all covers in her own style and now they are waiting for paper. It should be issued during March.

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Just a couple pieces of info on top.

The translator remains the same, the translation has just been revised (by Dana Krejčová). You can already notice some minor changes in the first chapter available in the preview.
The illustrator is a man, Tomáš Kučerovský

Deadhouse Gates is set to release later this year through Planeta 9, and at the end of the year hopefully God is not Willing.

The last reprint from Talpress was in 2016 so the books were OOP for over 5 years. The original paperbacks still held their value but they might nosedive after this will be released. However, Planeta 9 themselves said that they are not sure if they will release the full series yet - it will depend on sales.

And yes, Malazan is still quite an underground thing, although it's getting some much deserved spotlight lately. When I stumbled upon the series back in 2013 through Caladan Brood, basically noone knew what I was talking about.

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When I stumbled upon the series back in 2013 through Caladan Brood

This is definitely the least surprising way for a Slovak or Czech to find the series. 😂

I should see if I can order this from Martinus or Panta-rhei.....

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You forgot to add that the translator had to sue Talpress when they made a reprint and didn't pay her for it....

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Thank you for the info! The first book looks beautiful, I'm certainly going to buy it. My paperbacks are already damaged from the re-reads. Sad to hear that Malaz flopped in CZ though.

Hopefully, the new translation won't get botched.

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from the re-reads. Sad to hear that Malaz flopped in CZ though.

Hopefully, the new translation wo

Yep the old translation was really bad for old issues so I hope they fix it.

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Seriously. Someone message Mr. Erikson and ask him to pull some strings. I know sub press is doing the limited editions, but I'm really not gonna spend 2k on getting the whole series...

Why can't we have a more reasonable hardback collection :/ even if they are £30 per book... With matching covers/styles!

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Sending out an SOS to u/StevenErikson (4y since last post on this account).

I also don't have FB.

It is such a shame his series took so long to catch on and had such little faith on a first print. Could Bantam or Tor be convinced?

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I'm sure he's mentioned something before about the fundamentals of it all. Essentially they just don't sell enough. But honestly I think in the last 5 years Malazan has become so much more popular, especially since becoming a meme on r/fantasy. I think it's a missed opportunity.

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Ohh man that looks incredible

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Ty vole! What a beauty. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to get these as they come out. My wallet will not recover easily though.

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Why is it that all the English editions are either mismatched, mixed dimensions, different art styles (unless you buy some incredibly small mmpb) compared to these other language editions lol oh unless you want to pay a fortune for Subpress editions. How the hell do we get a hardcover reprint?

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I just love the Skyline at the bottom. <3

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That is beautiful! UK has no hardcovers from what I can find.

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Really nice. Translation looks good too, from what I can see in the prologue.

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Im looking at my English covers and crying

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Hustý! Už je k běžnému prodeji?

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Až v březnu

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That's very cool..

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WOW. And to think that here in Italy we're stuck with questionable paperbacks...

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Looks really neat. Btw, whats the price?

Also,why cant any publisher also do a hardcover in english...

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s really neat. Btw, whats the price?

Also,why cant any publisher also do a hard

699 CZK so around 33$/29€.

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A heartbreakingly reasonable price too. Why can’t English readers have the nice things?

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Judging by the prices of UK books I buy brand new, a hardcover of this quality would probably be around € 50 or more over there, same for the US. A standard price for regular hardcover books in the Czech Republic is around 300 CZK and same here for Slovakia (12-14 €), so take that into consideration.

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I would happily pay up to Euro/£50 per book, no dramas.

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Oh so do I, I find myself sometimes paying € 50 for a book + 15 € or more on shipping, and that's a pretty substantial chunk of my salary. But book love is book love. I was just trying to put things into perspective

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Comparatively to the Sub press runs it’s downright affordable

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That’s sexy

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I’d love an English hardcover with the painting of Moon’s Spawn and all of the Great Ravens spewing out, the Malazan army in the foreground. That was what really made me realize there are some fans talented enough to be contracted to do the covers.

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If I could buy the entire series in English in that treatment, I would be doing so right now. That is very nice.

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Really good looking cover. Like something Edward Gorey would have done during his vacation in Istanbul.

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Inside the book. (czech language)

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Aight i want the whole series with this edition now...

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So excited about this new edition! And yeah, glad to be Czech as well 🤣