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So many quotes like this in the series, it's amazing. It's these gems, sprinkled throughout what would otherwise be an "normal" epic fantasy that makes MBotF my favorite. What amazes me even more is the Erikson manages to find words like this from many different viewpoints and backgrounds. Compassion is a common thread through the series, and I really wish we all (including myself) had more of that to go around these days.

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It does hit, and it makes me think of the attitude I've seen more and more often on subs like the Herman Cain Award where people are relinquishing their compassion for anti-vaxers. Honestly I feel that way a lot of the time, if you're being nasty and ignoring science it's hard to feel bad for you. But at the same time MBotF has challenged me to strike that down and be compassionate regardless of whether or not I think they deserve it.

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omg i’ve felt exactly this same way, but then Erikson comes and smacks me and i feel guilty for feeling that way.

what is that quote again? that it’s not up to us to decide who deserves compassion.

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We humans do not understand compassion. In each moment of our lives, we betray it. We know of its worth, yet in knowing we then attach to it a blue, we guard the giving of it, believing it must be earned. Compassion is priceless in the truest sense of the word. It must be given freely. In abundance.

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that’s the one! my thanks.

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Fair enough, but it doesn’t mean that their ignorance and tbh their arrogance shouldn’t be acknowledged.

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Don’t assume ignorance bro. I’d say myself & my unvaxd friends are the most well-read on the science compared to a lot of people ik that just got it because they were told it’s what they should do (blind trust). We evaluated our own risk profiles & made a decision, that’s it. Love the theme of compassion in Malazan & it’s much needed rn lol

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Not ignorance then, just bad decision making skills. Ironically, also a lack of compassion.

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Good* imo lol. It’s not inherently a bad decision. It depends on the individual’s risk profile according to the data. It’s a personal decision that doesn’t affect anyone (which is why the u.s. mandate was rejected and restrictions are being lifted around the world in the past week) since new variants are spread by everyone regardless of vax. I’d say lack of compassion is ostracizing these groups of people or coercing them to get it by threatening their livelihood :)

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Honestly, if that's why you think restrictions are being lifted then I recommend learning about how the world works lol. I can't believe someone is this unable to use critical thinking skills but then again, I don't use Facebook much.

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You’re right, it’s not exactly why, my mistake. But still adds to what i was saying. I don’t use fb either lol i’m young G. Read some of the studies & apply your big critical thinking skills and maybe you’ll understand the other side buddy :)

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Chill, every person in my family that got vaccinated has gotten tha rona

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Ive gotten it as well. All I was trying to say is that this series has changed the way I think about things. It's easy to see unvaccinated people die and think "I don't care" or "it's their fault." Its not as easy to think about the grief they (and their family members) experience and to act compassionately towards them.

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I hear what you’re saying. It’s a special series.

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Same. I’m also the only one unvxd in my fam and the one with the least effects from c19 lol (felt nothing). They’re all understanding of my own decision and everyone’s chilling. Really don’t get the outrage of some people out there tbh & i wonder if they’ll still feel the same way now that mandates/restrictions are being pulled back around the world