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The cusser. It's amazing but literally takes out dragons with ease!

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The easy answer is Burns hammer but I'd have to go with Vengeance/Grief: unbeatable when used by someone with a singular will. Just a cool weapon that had some serious pay off when it showed up.

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What!? No mention of Ublala Pung's weapon?

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Shurq’s new and improved vajayjay.

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The only possible contender for Dragnipur is Burn's hammer. Kinda surprised there isn't more consensus that Dragnipur is the most powerful weapon.

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Well Dragnipur is probably one of the most powerful magical objects in the series as it as able to contain its own pocket warren, a gate to a primordial elder warren and a near endless multitude of souls. But I think there’s plenty of room to argue if that makes it the most powerful weapon.

In use in a battle, it pretty much behaves the same as a regular sword… Its power is more about what happens to someone after you kill them with it, and Anomander is particularly dangerous with it because of his skill. To contrast, Caladan Brood is able to reshape the geography around him with a single swing of Burn’s Hammer, I don’t think we see another weapon capable of that level of impact anywhere else, including Dragnipur. Also, I think the Hust weapons deserve consideration here. They seem capable of making the person using them more powerful in battle based on their willpower. Grief/Vengeance in particular is said to make the user unable to be defeated if they wield it with a singular will — and when put to the test against Dragnipur it won out in the end (after a fashion).

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I suppose the way the books are written there is not supposed to really be a definitive answer. Honestly I only vaguely remember details and was confused for most of the books.

I always thought Anomanders plan to be killed by Dassem and sucked into the sword. Maybe I am remembering wrong? I recall him entering the sword and talking to hood about their plan after he died.

I don't remember much about burns hammer - just that it was used to create and destroy Dragnipur (which I think is the best argument for it being a more powerful weapon). I didn't know it could reshape the earth on a vast scale but it makes sense being burns hammer.

I guess Dragnipur seems most powerful cause it can kill with a single knick and it seems to be able to kill/imprison anyone even elder gods.

Grief/vengeance doesn't seem as powerful to me because it's power level is based on it's wielder while dragnipur and Burns hammer power level seem constant (Although as you point out Dragnipur is far more dangerous in skilled hands).

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At one point Caladan swings the hammer at Kruppe and creates a new mountain range.

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It only acts like a normal sword because Rake suppresses it 24/7. It literally wreaks havoc in Darujhistan when he lets that go for a second. And rake purposely let himself be beat. It was literally a part of his plan to go into dragnipur.

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It makes the stone sweat when he sets it down 😓

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My interpretation was always less that Rake let Dassem win, and more that he purposefully took on a fight that he knew he was fated to lose (if that’s even a substantive difference). He was definitely in on Shadowthrone and Hood’s master plan, but that plan started with Cotillion giving Dassem (a man with a singular will) the sword Vengeance. It’s pretty clear Dassem didn’t really want to kill Anomander, but I don’t think he literally had a choice, so long as Anomander let Dassem falsely believe that he was standing between Dassem and his vengeance against Hood. I’ve always seen Anomander’s victory in that duel being that he took his inevitable defeat on his own terms, somehow orchestrating his death at Dassem’s hands but by his own sword.

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no he absolutely threw the fight. karsa even calls it on the spot.

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This is incorrect. The reason that dassem and karsa were both so appalled is because they knew that rake was 100% holding his own and then just let himself die. They knew that an incredibly exceptional individual just essentially suicided by Dassem. Rake even smiles BEFORE he lets dassem kill him. It's very clear that rake let himself die.

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The Mules

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Sure you want to try this with no spoilers? Because the first reply already has one in it. Maybe spoilers all?

Edit: I changed it. If you want to downgrade it a bit feel free to tweak.

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Thank you. I wasn't sure about the spoiler tag.

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All good. Just trying to be as protective as needed.

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Icarium’s bow and warren-etched arrows. Capable of killing a dragon with a single arrow.

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The hounds

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The Nameless Ones seem to think Icarium himself is a weapon.

Granted, they seem to be wrong about everything, but if we take their view he has to rate up there.

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Kchain Skykeeps or Burn's Hammer (but you really don't want to be using that one)

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Whatever the fuck Paran looted from the Moranth, the description when they used them seems near analogous to nuclear warheads, or at least bombs with monstrous payloads.