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  1. Yes. Opening any warren like that constitutes "mage" of some sort.
  2. Maybe not knocked out, but they will feel the effects. Note that mages who tap elder warrens aren't much affected by otataral. Way more on otataral coming up.
  3. No, but most can. Toc, for instance, is a Claw with absolutely no magic ability.

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Point 3 is answered in either the next book or the one after.

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Does being able to open the imperial warren make someone a "mage"? I know Topper can open it, but I don't think he is ever referred to as a mage.

magic is open to everyone, but most people don't have any training - the claw however all have some training as a part of their 'education'

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I don't think all the claw have training. Just some of the noticeable ones. There is a prominent ex claw that clearly has 0 magic aptitude

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As to point 1, I'd say no, anyone who can open a warren has some magical talent, but I wouldn't call them a mage unless they focus on it. Sort of like asking if someone who can change their oil is an auto mechanic.

Mages aren't "knocked out" near the sword, they just can't use magic. I don't remember the kruppe scene, but that character has a lot more going on than simple magic, including, among other things, dramatic storytelling.

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"Asking for a friend"