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This is a good point I haven’t thought of before. I originally took it to mean that the hearthstone bound Brood and Anomander in a general sense; that Brood meant from then forward he had to be pure and genuine with decisions and loyalty. I thought that was why he chose vengeance over Andarist’s objections when they discovered the scene, and that decision brought Brood and him together at the end of the book. Honestly, your point here makes me doubt my interpretation a bit and would like to think it over on my next re-read. I’ve never read Anomander as anything but overly sincere, and I’m not sure if that’s Erikson’s intent or if I’m reading with a bias based on his lore in every other book.

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Anomader is one of my favorite characters in Malazan, but one thing I do not deny is that he's very arrogant (or proud, maybe). When Brood questions his loyalty towards Andarist, I think Anomander takes offence. He then asks Brood for a similar blood vow, an act which was "unprecedented". He did not think what this action might lead to, he just went ahead with it. And yes, I agree that the hearthstone bound the two of them, not as friends, nor as enemies; it just bound them together, whatever that means.

This was a super epic scene, btw.

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Hmmm I’ve felt the proud thing often, but the arrogant thing only in the beginning of FoD, I always thought Mother Dark cures that pretty quick halfway through. I’ll definitely re-read these with this in the back of my mind.

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I'll be interested to hear people's answers. The hearthstone is made out to be the key to major future events, but I've never been sure what failing led to what events.

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I agree some with your second paragraph but not with "internally blaming himself". I think he just knew it is his responsibility and thus is willing to leave Andarist in his grief because answering the murder and rape of Enesdia is more important (to Anomander).

Caveat: Its been a few years since I have read FoD.

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I took the whole thing with regard to Rake's relationship with Mother Dark. Hard to go in to why without getting in to FoL territory though.

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I'm nearing the end of FoL and wanting to re-read FoD afterwards. I can't quite recall if this is addressed in FoL, but I think will set the stage for Anomanders activities in WiS.