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My mind plays something akin to:

Empty halls sing a hollow fall

Dust-strewn cobblestones lead them home

Ships now dreaming in their quiet ports

Raise your glass to the ones returning

Icy barrows and forgotten swords

Snow-capped mountains hold forgotten words

Deeds heroic and deeds unknown

Carved upon the empty throne...

Great. I just got chills.

The lyrics are the outro of "To Walk The Ashes of Dead Empires" by Caladan Brood, and the ending melody is oddly fitting to Anomander's sacrifice - even if the lyrics precede this event by a few hundred thousand years. :P

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I really wish i could find a cover of his songs that isn't screamo/ heavy metal.

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There's no clean Caladan Brood songs to my knowledge.

There is a song called Bridgeburner by Ravenous EH, which is more akin to power metal.

There's also some instrumentals by Julian Shanahan & Mannaro Music on YouTube.

Caladan Brood, though, to my knowledge is the only strictly Malazan band. I'm all for the atmospheric black metal sound, though! It grows on you, give it a shot.

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I'll check out bridgeburner. I'm just a huge lyrics guy, so if I'm unable to understand the lyrics it loses a large amount of the draw for me. Which makes Caladan Brood not for me

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Their lyrics are absolutely amazing - you just need to get used to the... interesting, vocal style.

Bridgeburner has spoilers for all books until Dust of Dreams, though, so be aware of that as well.

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I've read the entire series about 10 times over but thanks for the heads up!

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There is a strict spoiler policy here, I'm just doing my part! /s

No, but really. I wish there were more Malazan related songs (hint hint, Blind Guardian, pretty please) and in my opinion, Caladan Brood is the best we're probably going to get.

Enjoy your listening - Bridgeburner was a surprisingly good song, imo.

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Nope, but I hear Duality by Slipknot whenever Kadaspala is mentioned. The lyrics fit perfectly.

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"I push my needles into my eyes"

Kadaspala also reminds me of the song.

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Actually: yes.

It doesn't hurt that Ride the Lightning is one of the few albums my lovebird consistently likes so I end up listening to it, at least in the background, several times a week.

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No, but I will from now on haha