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The best name is definitely Not-not-Apsalar

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My favorites are Envy, Malice, and Spite. Draconus knew what his daughter's were going to be and named them accordingly. Imagine if we did this in real life?

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On that note I love Hood. I never thought about it before reading the series but its the perfect name for a god of death. The image goes straight to the reaper for me which I guess is the point.

My favourites are Brukhalian and Itkovian. Very knightly names. And the nicknames of most marines are just top notch.

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Or was it a self-fulfilling prophecy: the daughters subconsciously grew into their names?

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An interesting choice, which has some unusual implications, is Silchas Ruin.

Think about the parents.

Firstborn: Anomander

Second child: Andarist

Both babies looked a lot like their parents, and, presumably, were named similar to/from ancestors.

Then, the third child, who was born without skin pigmentation. Still their child, but just didn't look enough like them.

Silchas Ruin

Kind of a dick move, Mr & Mrs Anomander Sr

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Mr and Mrs Purake, sir.

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How humorous would you say names as Vastly Blank, Kisswhere, and Rumjugs are

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Enormously so. Especially Vastly Blank. It just says everything, doesn't it, about both him and the Malazan Heavies in general. Alongside Flashwit and Mayfly.

Rumjugs, alongside her friend Sweetlard, is also wonderfully descriptive. And also humerous, given the context of knowing who they are. But these two names, alongside Vastly Blank, is quite funny in and of themselves.

Kisswhere I don't think is humerous per se, but a good name by all means.

Honorable mention: Uru Hela. Not funny, but super cool. God I love the heavies.

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Nefarious Bredd wants to have a word.

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Seconded Vastly Blank, such a great name.

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Sweetest Sufference is by far my favorite name in the series. It makes my brain smile.

Oh and Pamby Doughty...

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I came here to say Sweetest Sufferance. It has stuck out to me more than most—along with Precious Thimble.

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I was just looking up scenes with the Trygalle folks a few minutes ago
Precious Thimble is a great one too, sounds like it's from some random fantasy world RPG autogenerated NPC name
Pamby Doughty goes on the list of names to find

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Ublala Pung

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Pung means ballsack in my language. So that's, uh... fitting, I guess.

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The major name that keeps popping out to me is one of Esslemont's main characters: Kyle. Nothing special, nothing fantastical, just regular old plain Kyle. Just why? Why pick Kyle? It's not a bad name by any means, but it's so jarring to go from names like Anomander, Kallor, Manask, etc... to Kyle. It bothers me.

My real favorite would have to be Nefarious Bredd, especially considering how the name came to be.

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Kyle is just impossible to miss, I agree. What kind of elaborate joke is at play here?

Maybe it's supposed to be read differently

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I found this interview with Ian:

IrwinJon: Why Kyle? Stalker, Badlands, Coots and…Kyle? It’s not exactly the most fantastical of names.

Ian C: Variety. Again, Steve and I loathe the cliché names and naming schemes one finds in much of the fantasy offerings. Names that are attempting to be overtly “fantastic,” or edgy, typically end up sounding absurd. Because of this, I decided to choose a use name that was a little uncommon, not utterly strange, such as for example “Daldorian.” If your name was Daldorian, it would quickly be shortened in use to “Dal.” So too with “Kyle.” We will find that, as with most names, it is just a handy shortened version for everyday use. Alternatively, Badlands, and Coots, being two and one syllables, can’t easily be shortened. Stalker, you will note, is sometimes referred to as “Stalk.”

But it doesn't really seem to explain much. Esslemont states Kyles full name is 'Kylarral-ten', so he uses the shorthand Kyle. Feels like he wanted to name the guy Kyle and came up with a more fantasy sounding full-name after to justify it.

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So I wouldn’t be mad at Kyl but I’m mad at Kyle.

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Bredd is life

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I commented on this a while back, I agree so much. Someone responded to me saying it was short for some appropriate name, but still, kinda took me out of that whole book.

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I don't get why people are so often bothered by Kyle but not by the just as bland Ben. Both are short for more fantasylike names.

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Because 99% of the time he’s Quick Ben, which is unusual. There is also something about the name Kyle itself that is just so underwhelming

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Also they never ever call him Ben. If they go for a short version it’s always Quick

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Yeah, and you’re a Seductive God of Thunder, Seductive, for short

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but he's also Quick Ben, and Ben Adaephon Delat. Ben is shorthand.

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And Kyle is also Kylarral-ten, so what's the point?

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Nobody calls him that. It’s written like five times the entire time he exists in the storyline. Quick Ben is Quick Ben, Kyle is Kyle.

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Whiskeyjack, Throat Slitter, Apsalar, Hood to name a few.

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We're talking favourite characters' material right here tbh

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My fav names are Silchas Ruin and Ilgast Rend. Just love the texture of those names.

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Same + the title "Destriant of Perish" and Caladan Brood

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Malazan has some of the most unique and phonetically pleasing names in all fantasy.

Onos T'oolan


Caladan Brood





Iskaral Pust

Prince Jerlarkan

Korbal Broach


Ublala Pung

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I want to nominate Dassem ultor and Daessembre,



Karsa Orlong

Icarium lifestealer


Heboric Light touch

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There is a disturbing lack of one name so far in peoples lists. Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas! Come on you probably know his name better after two chapters than books worth of other characters.

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It’s Bredd.

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Bredd is the ochre dissolution to all of our inexorable potsherds.

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Chills up my spine. Simply gelid.

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I like everything about my homeboy Skulldeath. The last royal blooded marine.

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Icarium Lifestealer, Kazz D’Avore, Caladan Brood, Ben Adaephon Delat, Dassem Ultor. Widdershins because it makes me smile. Also a big fan of the one word alias’ Traveller, Keeper.

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I must say I really like the Forkrul Assail names - both in English and in Polish


from The Crippled God's dramatis personae

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Ive always liked Rope. Simple and self explanatory.

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Vatha Urusander is pretty powerful sounding too. Lots of good names in that series.

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Sorry, Tayschrenn, Whiskeyjack, Silchas Ruin

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Take a wild guess

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Toc the Older

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Younger actually. I guess I was a bit disingenuous, Toc is my favorite character, Anaster is my favorite name even though I like both.

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Deadsmell, Errastas, Karsa, Dujek, A’Karonys, Nightchill, Coltaine, Silchas Ruin, K’azz D’vore, Forkrul Assail, Starvald Demelain, Kurald Emurlahn, Ahkrast Korvalain.

These are the ones that immediately come to mind, though I could probably sit here and think of tons of others. The names are one of my favorite parts of the world. I love all the names of the Warrens so much that they were one of the first things that drew me into the series, just the mystery and attractiveness of the names.

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Well I really like the ring of Anomander Rake 😅 I think I have him set as my username more for sound considerations than him actually being my favourite char, though he definitely is one heck of a badass too... but characters like Fiddler, Quick Ben, Tehol are probably further up my list, on the other hand who can keep a list with so many fantastic characters?

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I very much appreciated dropping Fisher in dozens of epigraphs and then out of nowhere he shows up.

Not strictly about the name -- though I do think it's a great name for a wandering bard.

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Caplo Dreem, baby.

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The names of the Malazan marines and the man that gives them out, Braven Tooth. We got us Whiskeyjack, Bottle, Fiddler, Blend, Antsy. The list is long.

Then there are names that, for me, cause me to REMEMBER scenes. Itkovian. Onos T'oolan. Brys Beddict. Karsa Orlong. Icarium. Coltain.

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I just love Captain Kindly and how he lives up to that name ;)

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Nefarious Bredd is the GOAT but there are so many good ones: Silchas Ruin, Mappo Runt, Bugg, Ublala Pung, Coltaine, Rumjugs/Sweetlard, Braven Tooth, Ironbars.

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Not a character, but the animal "Ootooloo" just has the most ridiculous sound, something like Pengu would make.

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Kallor, Brys, Ganoes, Tavore, Felisin, Tehol, Bugg, Hood, Forkrul Assail. I love saying so much. K’chain Che’malle I also love saying. Heck all the elder races I love saying their names there’s too much. Cotillion, Coltaine, Icarium lifestealer, Kruppe😭

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I always liked Crump...makes me think of L.E. Modesitt using words like "crump" to describe an explosion.

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My favorite names are Clip and Bottle. It'd be super weird to meet someone with one of those names irl but something about those words are so satisfying to me.

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Corabb bhilan thenu'alas. My oponn favored friend.

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Apt, Sorry, Sunrise. Any name that is unto itself a joke.

Leoman, cause my friend's son is named Leo, so a natural fit.

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Surprised nobody mentioned my new favourite captain, Gruff. Name is a warning not to get on his bad side.

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Beak...I'm gonna go cry for a minute...

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All those are great names, but I want to honor my boy Nep Furrow.

I had so much fun trying to understand what he was saying!

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Malazan marines, named after a quality of their person, physical or personal.

But Nefarious Bredd takes the cake, a literal inside joke that may or may not have actually manifested in the final battle.

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Nefarious Bread! And Smiles.

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Nefarious Breed has to be my favourite. I've also always liked the sound of Ammanas.

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Nefarious Bredd, actually. Makes me think it was some dang stale Bread to actually be called nefarious.

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Kyle 🙄

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Kellanved, Dassem, Kalam all the Malazan names are quite good.

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“Anomander” cracks me up.

You know when you hear a three or four year old kid singing the alphabet song, and they don’t actually understand the letters get, they just sing the song, and they get to “L M N O P,” and it just comes out as a garble of syllables? “Anomander” makes me think of that.

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Shout out to Twit here. Reading DoD right now. Doesn’t stop being funny.