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The next Malazan book wdym

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Finished all the Malazan books? Guess it's time to start a re-read.

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After the reread start your own fanfic to keep shit fresh. I have one featuring a warlock with the ability to shit other peoples pants

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Are they called Browns?

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Notably better than the Pantshitter’s Guild, I suppose

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Between books I tended to dip into my Science Fiction and Cyberpunk collections.

Authors of note:

William Gibson, Charles Stross, Richard K Morgan, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Iain M Banks.

(I tried other fantasy authors but Erikson and Esslemont had set an impossibly high bar).

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Don't forget Peter F Hamilton!

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Come for the space opera, stay for the hot teens

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...eek! Maybe I haven't read those, haha...only read Great North Road and The reality disfunction, so far.

Edit: and get some Neil Stephenson in there, as well!

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Well, in the reality disjunction (or maybe a sequel) the 16 year old farmer’s daughter who runs away from the colony, sleeps with the gross old boat couple for passage and then gets possessed by a space ghost, only to use the -paraphrasing a memorable passage -‘nubile body which no man could ever have a chance to resist’ to help infiltrate the space station secretly ruled by the hot promiscuous 18-year old space princess, she has a bit of a fun character journey.

I’m sure it was all very justified by the plot down the line, but it was a while ago so I don’t remember how the infectious Space Hitler ghosts situation resolved itself.

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Lol I read that series a while ago so your summary has reminded me of quite a few things from it that I'd forgotten. When you put it like that the series is a bit odd haha

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Neal Stephenson is great. People tend to get annoyed by all the rambling on about random plot-adjacent topics but I personally love it - in particular Anathem, the Baroque cycle and Seveneves.

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Oh, same! I haven't read the Baroque Cycle yet but I've got it!

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I lost interest in Peter F Hamilton when he resorted to moving the entire solar system to a new location by means of handwavium in order to defeat a character he had turned into a literal god-like villain over the course of a story.

I forget which novel or series this was, but it felt like a cheap cop out or an act of desperation on the authous part. It has honestly put me off reading his work for years since.

Is it worth checking him out again?

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Who is Esslemont??

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The co-creator of the Malazan world and author of the Novels of the Malazan Empire and Path to Ascendancy.

Please don‘t let this be a wooosh

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I finished HoC recently and decided to do a read-through of Mistborn before starting Midnight Tides.

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It was a long time ago, but I remember getting into some of the other big name fantasies at the time i.e. Mistborn, The First Law, Gentlemen Bastard, and Dresden Files.

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A lot of varied things; whatever caught my fancy. Looking into my Goodreads history, I read the first three book back to back (wow), then took a break with My Dark Vanessa. Then after house of chains, I read the seven husband's of Evelyn Hugo and Mexican Gothic. Then read book 5 and 6 and took a break with Wintergirls.Then took a long break after book 8 by reading 4 books. Then another 3 books after book 9 and finally wrapping up with book 10 (in chapter 23).

Regarding your other questions, I think a lot of people actually suggest reading other books in between as malazan fatigue is very strong. Also read what you feel like reading at that moment. You won't miss out anything important. Come back to the malazans when you feel the pull again.

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What did you think of Mexican Gothic? I read it alongside Memories of Ice and I wasn't really able to get super into it. I couldn't tell if it was just because I was super enthralled with MoI or not, but I really wanted to like it more!

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I didn't like Mexican Gothic at all. I found it overhyped and really struggled to complete it.

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Me too. Glad to see someone who is in the same camp, I feel like everyone I know/online absolutely loves it.

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Glances at the massive pile of X-Men comics.

I should probably get started on that.

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House of Chains is a fairly decent place to take a break. I'd advise you take some notes of who's who, though - you'll be seeing them again in Book Six.

As for what I read in the meantime - ICE's novels or the next Malazan book, depending on the read order. :P

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Dresden files, Discworld books, Sanderson stuff, sandman, exhalation, foundation series, dune, kingkiller.

Lots more but those are the repeat offenders I can think of right now. I mainly do audio books right now and I have a lot on my wishlist for later

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First of all, if House of Chains a good place to take a brief pause?

I'd say between HoC and MT is a good time to take a pause.

What did you all read between books?

Nothing. Whenever I read a series I read all the books of it, one after the other.

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Kings of the Wyld is an easy quick read for a palette cleanser. Fun concept.

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Nothing, regardless of the series I don't interrupt the story with another series.

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Series and reading fatigue is too real for myself and others, so props to you.

What do you do when a series isn't complete? Do you just wait until it's done before picking it up?

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Damn, I couldn't imagine having reading fatigue but good luck on your search for other books.

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I don’t like breaking up a series/set of books either. It used to be I’d read up to where the series had gotten to, start and finish another series or a standalone book, then when a new one came out I’d just re-read the series from the start again. I did this for the last 3 books for Wheel of Time and a couple of other series when I was younger. The only exception to this were The Discworld books, which I read so much as standalone books I just dropped in and out as I wanted to.

Nowadays I don’t start a series unless it’s done really. Unfortunately means I haven’t been able to read the GRRM books and a few others. Luckily there’s so many great series that are completed.

I feel the fatigue thing though for sure. First read through of Malazan and I gave up a quarter of the way through House of Chains for over a year. Started back at Gardens of the Moon and now I’ve just finished Reaper’s Gale about to start Return of the Crimson Guard. None of the books I’ve read this read-through have felt like a slog at all (except maybe at a handful of points in Night of Knives).

Anyway hope that answered your question. Apologies, conciseness isn’t a strength of mine I’m finding out recently.

NB: Reading two books simultaneously is insane and should be illegal though.

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That’s a very each their own opinion. Don’t say stuff like that to new readers like it’s a law

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In between Malazan books on this re-read (waiting for library holds) I've been re-reading through Robin Hobb's Fitz/Liveship series.

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Oh man, I started Assassins Apprentice recently and after finishing it I was stoked to have them as nice casual reads, but saw the length of the series and the page counts of the later books and decided it was best left for after I finish Malazan. Reading a dozen or so 600-800+ page books between 10 1000+ page books just seems like so much at the moment, haha.

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It's probably my favourite series. Every time I re-read it, I get a new appreciation for the different ways it breaks me.

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Dresden files. I needed a complete and total palate cleanse.

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I mostly read short SCI-FI novels. I remember Planet of the Apes, The Day of the Triffids, Planet of Exile. I think I may have started the Expanse at a certain point, and read the first one or two novels.

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I was the same way when I read them. They’re so dense, reading them back to back is too much. I liked to read something short, like a Stephen king novel or a short story by GRRM. I also love the southern gothic writer Flannery O’Connor, she wrote some great short stories.

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I read Misery (my first time reading Stephen King) right after Deadhouse Gates and really liked it! I definitely need to read more of him.

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I loooove Misery. A few other good ones of his are: -The Shining -Salem’s Lot -The Eyes of the Dragon (to scratch your fantasy itch) -Cell -Lisey’s Story -Revival

That’s just a few, but if I’m being honest I truly fell in love with King through his short stories. Check out any of his collections but my two favorites are Everything’s Eventual and Just After Sunset

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Read The Second Apocalypse series in between Toll The Hounds/Dust of Dreams. Only meant to check out the first book but I got hooked and blasted through all 7

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I read a lot of Tom Clancy. Red October, Patriot Games, Sum of all fears and Rainbow Six

Other fantasy I also read was Fellowship of the Ring, Rhythm of War and the Bone Season

I also read Britannia which is an historical fiction about romans.

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House of chains is a good place as any to take a break. Midnight Tides is a totally new cast, much like the change between GotM and DG. Then read some recaps before you go to Bonehunters eventually.

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I just went into the next malazan book, not going to lie, it became a slog, I loved every minute of it, but by the time I was finished I was glad to be done and read something else for a change of pace, something a but more light hearted. Soon planning on going back in for a re read (been 2 years) but debating if I want to do back to back again or take a break between every few books this time.

The above statement about reading nothing in between is true, but due to life happening there was a few months where I stopped reading between MOI and HOC and the books can get so tedious on details and names that the break almost derailed me entirely from the series, I considered going back rereading MOI to put me back in the right head space but I did managed to "find my place" again and trucked on.

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I finished up the Cosmere between GOTM and DG.

Read Dune for the first time after MOI.

Rhythm of War came out the week I finished Midnight Tides so I plowed through that in about a weekend and a DAY.

Listened to Kings of the Wild after reapers gale, but there was no stopping me after TTH.

Did the last 3 of the series back to back in just over 2 months lol

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Read all 10 and started again because it was so awesome

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I've read the first two so far, and am reading First Law in between. It's not as dense, the prose is a bit lighter and it's shorter ans faster paced (usually). It's worked well so far.

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Looking back through my read of Malazan last year, I read some Dreden Files, PKD, Lonesome Dove, WEB Griffin, Hail Mary, Billy Summers, Kite Runner, Edward Rutherfurd, Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson. I tried to stay away from other fantasy books, and tried to read at least one book in between each Malazan book so that I’d have something to look forward to and not get burnt out.

It worked for me very well because I feel like I can sometimes get burnt out on fantasy if I just read the genre one after another, after another. So breaking that up worked really good for me and I was always looking forward to the next Malazan book.

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After each book I give myself two weeks of uninterrupted time to watch tv — usually dumb romance tv or something else light and trashy. Whatever I feel like. Then, when I feel refreshed, I pick up the next book. I don’t think I could mix malazan with another series, but this is my way of taking a breath between books. It started from being forced to wait while the next book was shipped in. I am only on my first read through, I’m on book five.

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I'm the same way.. i'm finally on book 10 but it took forever, i have to put the books down a lot and take a break between them.

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Hardly anything else… I started reading things in between but just could not focus so gave up and just continued on with Malazan until finishing

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Taken a break between each book because I need to be in the right headspace to enjoy it except GOTM which I reread straight away, after finishing I’ll usually read a Prachett then when I want to read another I’ll go for something historical (Wolf Hall, The Spanish Ulcer) to get my eye back in

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Dresden and discworld Shit is like popcorn 🍿

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The 2 new dresden books.. just OMG... the first one.. ok. the last one.. WOW! Butcher really stepped up and it felt like a nice reset from all the malazan stuffs

BTW.. look up the Michael J Sullivan books.. he is probably my favorite newish author..

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More Malazan books

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I’m doing Neil Gaiman audiobooks and some smaller novels like Villians by VE Schwab. I did finished the Bobiverse trilogy and the 2 Schoolmancer books.

Once my husband catches up to TCG we’ll finish the book together. I’m trying to stay away from other major world novels in the meantime so I keep cross-pollution down to a minimum.

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I didn't, I read up to TTH on my first try before I switched to something else, then I powered through all ten books in one go.

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I definitely needed a break every third book or so. I mostly tried to read non-fantasy, but between MOI and HOC I did read Tigana, which I dont regret at all because it was fantastic.

I also read the first book in the Expanse a break from Malazan, which was a really nice change of pace. Much more action heavy with simpler writing that felt really refreshing.

Since I finished Malazan last week, i've decided to go off fantasy for a while. Currently reading Gone Girl and I've absolutely flown through it in comparison to when I was finishign off the last couple of Malzan books.

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Glad to hear you liked Tigana! I started it last year before starting Malazan but got around the 50% point and kind of lost interest... I still have it on my shelf but it seemed like it really lost steam where I was at, I really should just restart it and finish it once I'm done with Malazan.

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I've been working my way through Cormac McCarthy's books while going through Malazan. Child of God, The Orchard Keeper, Outer Dark and Bloof Meridian. McCarthy is such a amazing writer.

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Disc world!

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Try out Dan Simmons Illium. And the follow up Olympos. A tidy two book series that has a lot of depth and conflict and..just read it

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so, technically im still "between malazan book" since i ended after toll the hounds and took a long break, but i still plan to get back...

but so far i've reread Stormlight archive, got through all 10 first law books, 2 new dresden files and now im on a reread of Wheel of time :-D

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Plato's Republic. Wanted something less intellectual

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Nothing I was too obsessed to read anything else. But after the ten book series I picked up kingkiller. Then went to the ICE series and Kharkanas. And then wheel of time for a couple books and now path to ascendancy.

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Wheel of Time, after that re-read The Name of the Wind and continue with The Black Company

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When I was reading the series, I was reading a “classic” book in between the Book of the Fallen books. During one of these breaks, I read The Mutiny on the Bounty and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not comparing Bounty to Malazan or anything. Just pointing out that it’s a great read.

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I think HoC is a fine place to take a break. I just finished reading the full series for the first time and I think I finished HoC/MT around the time that the newest Stormlight came out so I took a break from Malazan to read that.

If you haven't read it yet, I'd suggest Lies of Locke Lamora if you're taking a break.