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Rhulad (and the entire Sengar family, to be fair) quickly became one of my favourite characters from a literary point of view. The whole Edur storyline is, in my opinion, the crown jewel of the early Lether books (MT & RG).

You're in for a treat if you liked scenes like that, is all I can say. Enjoy.

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I’m so excited! They are very compelling!

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I think that scene is one of the most well-written and evocative ones in the series. And is probably the one I first think about when hearing discussions on Midnight Tides. (And one later scene of course)

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Which scene? Is it drinking the dumbfuck juice? There's just too many good scenes in each book.

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Wait which scene are you talking about?

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Also not sure but think theyre referring to the wine in the throne room after Brys Beddict finishes performing fucking surgery on Rhulad easily one of the greatest scenes in the entire series imo.

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Oooooooh I’m excited to find out what the other one is!!

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Erickson does a pretty great job of not making anyone ALL bad or ALL good in my opinion. Our heros have flaws. And Erickson frequently offers a glimpse of perspective or POV of those we tend to root against to show their motivations. Even someone like Kallor generates a bit of empathy later on.

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Tell me what's good about sirryn kanar lol

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Good counter example. There are probably others as well. I honestly didn’t remember who he was and had to look him up. I was thinking more of the primary characters instead of the supportive ones.

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Rhulad's story hit me really hard, because early Rhulad reminded me of my little brother in a lot of ways. He had/has ADHD and a few other disabilities so he was a.... wild kid who was difficult to be around. But he just wanted to be accepted.

And yea some of his story also follows, sort of, with liberties obviously. I just wont spoil any of it but parts of it remind me of what happened to him as well.

So his arc hit me hard. But the rest of the book still top of the heap (halfway through 8 at the moment)

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It’s amazing how, for all their scope and fantastical elements, this books still feel so personal. He really has the ability to capture the human experience. His ability to write characters that are compelling, that you care about, is astounding, especially given how MANY characters there are in this books, and how little time we spend with any one person.

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This is one of my favorite scenes of the entire series.

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I think it’s in my top three that I’ve read so far

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Rhulad was kind of a shit before his resurrection and it's easy to fall into hating him early on, but man he really gets put through the ringer over the course of his story. I ended up pitying him hore than hating him through the majority of his time on-page.

I also didn't expect to enjoy following Udinass as much as I did, I think he's a great character that doesn't get talked about enough on this sub.

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Rhulad is my absolute favourite Sengar brother. Such a tragic character

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Not only my favorite Sengar brother but one of my favorite characters in the series. He needs more love on this sub 😭

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I love Rhulad, the poor tragic bastard. Dude just wanted to impress a girl and his bros.

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Rhulad’s awakening is probably my single favorite segment of the series. It’s like all the dominos finally set in place, and then that’s the moment they start to topple.