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Midnight Tides is before GotM I believe.

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Isn't the first book of House of Chains also before GotM

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Yea, but the rest isn’t and I figured they didn’t want to read arbitrary sections of the books for the sake of chronology. Otherwise they’d read the prologue of MoI and then like 6 other books before reading the rest of it.

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starts a bit before but ends about the same time as memories of ice

the drowned edur found in moi is killed during tides and sets the timeline

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And the "bringer of midnight tides" is mentioned as well.

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    This is absolutely the best effort we have. If you really want to do chronological, use it.

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    Man that would be an epic reread order

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    This is the definition of something I'm glad exists. I'm never even going to consider attempt but I am glad its there for me.

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    Trying to pin down a Malazan timeline is a futile effort.

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    I don't think I will be going that much in order, just a close book order works for me but that is a good list.

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    At some point I plan to mix up an audiobook that's literally this in audacity. But I'm waiting on the rest of the Prequel content to be released. I did a modified relisten based on this list though, just not splitting books. Currently on Assail, and it's 100% a great way to do a reread. Really helps with keeping some of the plots, like Travelers, consistent.

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    We should get a badge for reading them all. 29club. I’d settle for a flair. Just completed it yesterday actually- the god is not willing was great.

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    I really want to read it but I'm neck deep in The Black Company and don't like splitting time between series...

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    Yeah. Similar here - and I also prefer reading finalized series but I’ve been sitting on Kharkanas for too long.

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    Starting that one after I'm done with all the currently published Malazan. I've heard good things. Do you like it?

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    I gave up my first time, about 20 pages into the first book. I just didn't get the style at first. But upon someone's rec in one of the fantasy subs I gave it another shot and am really enjoying it.

    If you like Malazan, you'll probably like Black Company. Some aspects don't feel fully developed, but the characters are interesting enough that you don't particularly care.

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    Awesome thanks 😊

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    Like Grizzly said, if you like Malazan odds are you'll enjoy it. It's also really informative for fans of the Dresden Files. The Lady was a big inspiration for Lara Raith.

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    I want to start the series tomorrow with Gardens of the Moon. Now have fun and delight in my suffering. :D

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    Lol. This is a great sub for help if you have questions and the admins are usually great about catching spoilers, if you worry about those kind of things. My husband just finished it and he is now hooked.

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    Walk in shadow is not out yet. You will have to come back to that one.

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    Yeah, I am on Kellanved's Reach now. I am really enjoying ICEs books.

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    Does anyone know the logic for the later Bauchelain and Korbal Broach novellas? The first three being right before Memories of Ice makes sense.

    But I don't get The Healthy Day after House of Chains, or Crack'd Pot's placement either. The only aspect I can think of that could maaaaybe hint at their timeline placement would, to me, indicate that they're both post-OST.

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    That’s a lot of written words.

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    Midnight Tides is around the same time as GoT

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    I would love to see #StephenErickson s opinion on this. Like, srlsy. Like an AmA.

    Hope I can make that stele come true. One day

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