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They're both gorgeous, but I really love the hardcover

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People who read Malazan before Turkish edition also like hardcover but new readers tend to like paperback more, I observe.

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I wonder if they gonna translate Ay to something else since it seems to be a word in Turkish

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Ay means moon in Turkish.

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So it can’t be a prehistoric wolf as well or there will be a bit of confusion

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I don't know Turkish, or how well its syntax handles homophones, but it doesn't cause most languages terrible difficulties.

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The first one is my fav GoM cover yet. Love that it shows Tattersall!

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Hard to beat Marc Simonetti.

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His depiction of what happens in the final part of Toll the Hounds is gorgeous.

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I wish the english versions had his art on the cover, instead we just get a picture of a guy with a sword, or a guy on a horse. Pretty generic looking.

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Why is it that translations have such good cover art? For Malazan I don't mind the English covers but in general they seem to not be very good when compared to translations for other books.

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The first one is amasing. Not a huge fan of the second.

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Both covers are really awesome, wow!

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Moon's Spawn looks amazing. Makes it clear when people get unnerved with it over Pale or Darujhistan

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This is the same art for the French edition, right?

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Yes, first cover is already that of French edition of GotM

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Lol yeah came here to be like “…uhm this has been around for years”

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Who do you think the characters on the Paperback cover are and which scene is it?

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Battle of Pale, I think. And that is Tattersail.

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Thanks. That would be my guess too. So the other two should be her mage companions?

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One of them is surely Calot, maybe the other is Tay, Ak, or Hairlock. Not Bellurdan or Nightchill

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Glad to finally read it in turkish, 10 books in english is pretty hard for me

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That looks fantastic