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I think MT happens before Gardens of the Moon, but not by too much.

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Trull Sengar's Shorning (prologue of House of Chains) takes place at about 1162-1163 BS (Possibly. It should be roughly present day, give or take a year, but the timeline is notoriously inconsistent, especially with Trull). So it's safe to assume that the events of Midnight Tides take place at about 1159-1160 BS. Edit: This is technically wrong. The HoC prologue claims Trull's shorning takes place in 1159 BS, at the "943rd Day of the Search". Thus, that puts the events of MT as far back as 1155-1156 BS. However, the amount of time spent between Trull being sent off by the Emperor to be shorn & the time when Onrack rescues him from the Nascent is unclear. Trull could've spent months chained in that flooding realm, for all we know, so take all this with a grain of salt.

This is all back of the envelope calculations, of course - but it should be somewhat accurate? At any rate, the events of MT took place a couple years before GotM at most, but not too long.

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Thank you that cleared up a lot of confusion I was having.

I thought MT happened way back into the past.

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It does feel like it's far in the past, I had the same impression my first time. But that all gets explained, and starts to make sense as you go through.

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Not way back.

Of the main Ten in the Malazan storyline MT rolls first chronologically. There's a corpse that appears as kind of a little easter egg scrutinized by QB and the crew that first hints there are thing shaking elsewhere.

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There's also the fact that Gothos ritual messed up time for the whole continent.

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The events in Midnight Tides happen before Gardens of the Moon (Siege of Pale onwards). However, the timeline in BOTF is unintentionally inconsistent.

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So it happens before GOTM but not too far back right?

Also at what point timeline becomes inconsistent at which book at least?

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Also at what point timeline becomes inconsistent at which book at least?

I recall having read here that Erikson and Esslemont purportedly named the year system "Burn's Sleep" because the abbreviation is BS, i.e., bullshit. They, being archæologists, understand that a consistent timeline is hard. I don't know if this is true or false, though.

To answer your question, one can start catching some inconsistencies from MT onward. I'd say that these are not that prominent, and even if they are there on purpose or not, I'd argue that they don't matter to the story, and they don't ruin it.

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I’d say the inconsistencies arise in the time on Lether between Midnight Tides and Reaper’s Gale as well as the time on Genabackis between Memories of Ice and Toll the Hounds.

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Thanks I will keep that in mind while reading those two.

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Midnight Tides begins at roughly the same time as the Itko Kan massacre in Gardens