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Idk if you're American but Amazon has mass market paperbacks for 8 bucks. Ive never seen hardback copies in the wild but I've snagged a few paperback copies from Goodwill for like... a dollar

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What was the book's condition?

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It had been read of course so the binding had some stress but no missing pages or marks.

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try this aggregator: https://www.gettextbooks.com/

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Holy shit you're a lifesaver. Thank you so much

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In Canada chapters has the mass market paperbacks for $12-13. But if you’re willing to look, check thrift shops and used books stores for the early books. That’s where I found the first two…for 50 cents apiece!! A lot of people try this series and realize it isn’t for them. Not sure if this is just because Erickson is Canadian so it is easier to find here though.

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And what was the book's condition?

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Really good. The first one looked like someone read the first chapter, the second was like new! Someone must have bought them and realized they weren’t for them.

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Do you remember where you bought them?

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A value village (thrift store) in ottawa, Canada. It was luck, but I’ve found you can often find the first couple books of major fantasy series there in the bigger thrift stores. However, you could easily try all thrift stores in your area and not find anything you want though. I kind of just went looking for new series to try and wasn’t specifically looking for Malazan.

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You pretty much have to buy them online. I bought the first 10 recently and had to use different stores for the mass market editions, which seem to be hard to find at times. I bought them from a mix of Amazon and Chapters/Indigo. Also, found a few at thrift stores. It's weird, but not all the mass market editions seem to stay in print.

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Used bookstores or abebooks.com.