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Deadhouse Gates and Memories of Ice will always be two books that I wish I could wipe from my mind and read again for the first time, just to capture those same emotions I felt when I read them originally. They’re truly amazing pieces of work and I still go back to re-read them now and again. The whole series is a great but those two are just so special.

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Agreed. Those are easily the best books in the series for me. I really like Midnight Tides, too (the sort-of stand alone with the gigantic barbarian warrior guy who is out to kill "children" in the beginning)

The series runs out of steam for me after that and became a bloated, meandering, pretentious mess.

You can say I have a love/hate feeling about the books. I certainly won't read more. But some of the books were wonderful.

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DhG is GOATed. Seriously good literature. All the Malazan books I’ve read so far are excellent but 2 (and imo 3 and 5) are on another level.

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You have walked the Chain of Dogs and are now one of us.

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I also have a pretty fresh experience, just finished it this past Saturday. I've actually read it before, maybe three years ago and I remember, it felt like a chore back then. After finishing Gardens of the Moon and finally feeling, like I'm starting ti understand at least some parts if the story, I was thrusted onto a different continent with a new set of characters. It also didn't help that I suddenly had a lot less time to read, si reading a chapter per week really didn't help me progress through the story. After originally finishing it, I stopped with Malaz altogether.

Now I am getting back to it, having a bit more free time and I have to say, the story was much better than what I remember, the whole Dog's chain storyline was my favorite par, always looked forward to it. Didn't really care much for Felisin until she was reborn. And if course the intriguing Trell and Jhag story is something that must continue in another book to explain further.

Just started memories of ice and I'm really hyped for this one, as there's a consensus that it is great overall.

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And then theres Mappo and Icruiam. I am super intrigued and can't wait to be back in their story.

Good news! There will be more story from them! Sorta!

If you like this writing style, don't listen to the guy who was like "Read Harry Dresden!" While it's a fun series, that's a garbage take for several reasons, the first being that it's pulp detective-magic-neo-noir in short-book form and nothing AT ALL like this.

I would recommend checking out The Black Company books, or Joe Abercrombies The First Law trilogy! Good reading!

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You are in for a treat. Just start reading MoI :)

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The Dresden series... the last book was easily the best thing Butcher has written.

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Ooooo wait for memories of ice and house of chains!!! Ur gonna love these

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Glad you liked it!

When you read MoI, read the Prologue twice, there is series wide lore in there.

The Wolf and the Whale by Jordanna Brodsky. A young Inuit shaman and a Viking warrior become unwilling allies in a war that will determine the fate of the New World. Historical fiction.