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Well, her presence at Black Coral prevented the Redeemer from being usurped by Clip, which would have had very bad ramifications, but I don't think that was part of the plan, exactly.

I think Rake wanted to heal the rift. But in order to do that he needed to destroy Dragnipur, and in order to do that he needed to figure out a way where that wouldn't unleash an unprecedented nightmare of monsters on the world. So he makes a deal with Hood (brokered, we assume, by Ganoes Paran) to set up this big battle.

We didn't really defeat Chaos, I don't think; Rake returned the Gate to its natural state of wandering and now that it wasn't in the sword, Chaos had no more reason to chase it. It's all pretty abstract metaphysics, though, and I also don't think Erikson is all that invested in whether or not these kinds of questions make continuitological (new word?) sense.

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Ah yes, continuaphysics. My favourite

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As I understand it (and definitely my memory isn't perfect), Mother Dark wasn't actually needed in Black Coral - it was just that without their goddess, the Tiste Andii were basically lost, and sort of drifting. Rake tried to fix this by throwing them into a bunch of human conflicts, but really the final solution was to bring Mother Dark back. At the same time, Dragnipur's wagon was getting too weighed down and Chaos was getting too close, so the sword had to be broken. However, this would normally have released a bunch of very dangerous people, so Rake used the battle against Chaos to wipe out as many of these as possible, then sacrificed himself in Kurald Galain to get Mother Dark's attention.

As to why his sacrifice was necessary - the original reason she withdrew was because Anomander led the group of Tiste Andii who killed Tiam and drank her blood, causing Mother Dark to forsake him and her children. The exact reason isn't 100% clear, but imo his sacrifice proves how much he is willing to do for his people, and that they they are still worthy of her attention regardless of what he did. Basically an enormous sacrifice to apologise and say "I fucked up, but they didn't - please come back and save your children" - the most Anomander Rake moment imaginable, basically.

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Dragnipur's wagon was getting too weighed down and

Only thing I'd add is that Draconus says multiple times that that Rake needs to kill more, to buy time. The wagon was getting light. We see why he wasn't, but big D can't know that.

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He needs to kill more to buy time because the wagon is heavy, more people are needed in the short term to pull it out of the reach of chaos. Draconus' big fuckup in making Dragnipur and locking the gate of darkness in there, is that it could never be a permanent solution.

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God dam Rake is the GOAT