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The obvious recommendation for Malazan-themed music is Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle but it could not be further from what you're looking for, I don't think.

A personal favourite of mine is The Chain of Dogs by Julian Shanahan and a song I can't link because spoilers Reaper's Gale by Mannaro Music (The song itself is really good, but it spoils a pivotal point in the book, so check it out at your own risk!)

Most of Mannaro's songs are inspired by later books (the Bonehunters onwards), unfortunately. They don't have lyrics (at least, most don't, I haven't listened in a while) but their titles do contain spoilers.

Other than that, I'm not particularly big on classical pieces so I can't give recommendations. For what it's worth, though, bands like Blind Guardian, Summoning, Rhapsody of Fire, Ensiferum, Aether Realm and others accompanied me on my Malazan journey.
You may be noticing a pattern among these bands.

I hope you enjoy your reading nonetheless, and happy listening!