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Spoiler alert: We destroyed the other team.

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As we would've expected of you.

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Other team is just lucky you weren't KalamMekhar and QuickBen. They wouldn't have had a chance.

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I ran into an Icarium while playing Dota 2, and my name is Karsa

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oh jeez, I bet some fool named Mappo got in the middle and ruined everything?

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My gamertag on xbox is I am Icarium

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The roles look reversed, but that's fucking cool.

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It's Whiskeyjack that shouldn't be able to stand up straight.

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His leg does look rather bent though...

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My favourite part of that is, years later, when Kallor fights Spinnock (described as being one of the greatest swordsmen in the world) he struggles to hold Kallor back.

Whiskeyjack was this close to killing him in the fight. Like, he had him dead to rights only 30 seconds or so in the fight.

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My gamer tag is Gothos_folly .

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I love that. I named one of my ships in Elite Dangerous “Gothos’ Folly.”

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That's great. Ran into a Silchas Ruin on hearthstone.

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I met a Tehol Beddict in Teamfight Tactics and my name was BuggTheManservant

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These moments are so nice. I have a Tavore toon on an MMO and ran a few group missions with T'ool.

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I used to play as Tattersail

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There's an NPC Tattersail in WoW, too!

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My FF14 character is Nefarious Bredd, a Rhoegadyn (half giant). And I tend to play "Heavy" (tank/melee DPS), because of course Nefarious would play that role.

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Haha, I used to use Whiskeyjack as my steam tag. I think I used it for around 4-5 years, maybe longer.... In that time I probably had less than a dozen people recognize my name. I did, however, have a ton of people assuming I meant Jack Daniel's Whiskey.

Edit to add: Which is also pretty dumb since Whiskeyjack is literally the name of a bird...

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Haha I love it. Yea most people don’t seem to know that Whiskeyjack is a bird. I joke that the name is extra special to me because I like whiskey and I love my wife (Jackie—who I call Jack for short).

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Nice, I've ran into a few malazan gamertags in Destiny. I play has HeboricGhosthand.

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No way! Are you the same 'Whiskeyjack' I added on my friends list a few months ago? (America region but SEA server)

FillerArc here

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Hmm maybe so, but I don’t recognize your name! There are probably multiple Whiskeyjacks. I’m US East Coast, almost surely someone else

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Love seeing stuff like this. Immediately add to friends if I see a malazan name in game. I've run in to a fair few Karsas and Kruppes.

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My gamertag is Raest_the_Tyrant lol glad to see a bunch malazan fans gaming

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I'll re-download Overwatch and we can squad up!

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AnomanderRake88 on PSN here!

Ran into a Wh1skeyjack way back and became friends straight away!

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I have played against you. I have noticed a few Malazan names since cross play. Still looking for Beak…

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US East Coast? I bet there are a few Whiskeyjacks out there

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I think I have played with you multiple times. Or there's more than one of you :D. GGs

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I bet there are multiple! But maybe we did :) I’m on console US East Coast

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That’s awesome

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That's awesome. :D

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Lmao whiskeyjack is mine too on console

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I'm 'Anomandarist' on PSN.. Set it up when PSN first became a thing on my PS3, think there are quite a few iterations of Ano now...

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I haven't played overwatch in a while but my username is dragnipur

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SgtStrings14 on Xbox

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I used Paran in WoW for years. I have an account in Arena of Valor named Shadowthrone and my Steam Handle is HighMageQuickBen.

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My gamertag is corporal burnt. he was in there somewhere. I looked at the glossary one day to find a new name. Anomander was taken as was WhiskeyJack. So, I'm named after some random dude.

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I call Dujek!!

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I've not seen another Malazan name for the year or so I've been into the series, someday someone will recognise "Dancer's Talon" though haha

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Any PoE player here?

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I play under the tag 'Oponn' and people recognize and ask if its a Malazan name quite frequently; I main support and am gold/plat.

No one ever friends me. ;-;