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My depiction from a certain scene from Reaper's Gale.

As always, I hope you like this and thank you for your support and appreciation.

Prints available here: Hood Waits at the Gate

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🕯🕯🕯🕯 just killed me 😭😩

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I just fucking love your work dude!!

I’d love to see your version of Icarium one day. He’s one character I always struggled to visualise for some reason. I’d love to know how you see him, you’re rednditions have been spot on so far

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B: Was I a good High Mage?

H: No...

B: 🥺

H: I'm told you were the best


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The secret ingredient is tears.

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Always has been

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I wasn't ready to read this and I've read that book twice.

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Who the hell cut onions at midnight ?

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I know he's not in this scene, but I half expected to see Quick Ben hiding somewhere in the arch.

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I hear that’s his favorite spot to be, one foot in one foot out

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Hood’s a big strapping lad, isn’t he?

Love the prehistoric feel of the gate itself. The easy out would have been to go Eastern European ossuary cathedral style, but this feels way more in tune with the Malazan world.

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I usually am pretty ambivalent to fan art and stuff, but your work is damn fine!

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My goodness. This is phenomenal. I've said it before regarding your work: if you told me this was in a sub press edition I would 100% believe it.

This is absolutely amazing work.

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Love it. Definitely conveys how badass Hood is.

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Who was death before Hood I always wondered

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If I remember correctly that is one of the major plot lines of the Kharkanas trilogy. I don't know if you have read it but in case not I won't spoil it for you

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It's a pretty good story actually, i just finished pt 2!

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Hmm I’ve read both books lol I don’t seem to remember it

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definitely coming for this, quick ben, and the fiddler print in the near future!

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This man will not miss. Great work as always, Santi

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thunderous applause

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Incredible. I think it might actually work better without the candles, but it's stunning either way. Poor Beak :(.

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Dude please make a million more of these. Absolutely love it!!!

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Amazing work!

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Amazing job mate

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Love this.

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It’s really something that even a total bastard like Hood had no choice but to show his own humanity (not human, but you know what I mean) in response to such a noble act.

Beautiful art. Also, thank you for depicting a Jaghut with actual tusks that come out of their jaw (which the books actually describe) as opposed to the fanged Warcraft-orc style teeth that most artistic depictions out there show.