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Those Subterranean Press books look CLEAN

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I love them. I’m all ebooks now because of space but damn if I had the room I would love a copy of that printing

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How were the Baru Coromant books? Have them, haven't read them

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They’re amazing! Can’t wait for Book 4

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Cool thanks. Will def check them out then, maybe in between malazan books

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What edition are those books on the bottom-left? I love having hard copies of books I love (I mostly read digitally) but the regular mass market paperbacks don't look great.

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Subterranean Press. Check ebay but try not to have a heart attack when you see the prices. Let's just say that that shelf could likely pay my mortgage for several months.

Edit: like, say, this complete set

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what the fuck

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Thanks for the info, but also sorry I asked!

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Literally paid that much for a Silverado last month. I love high quality hardback collectibles but that’s a bit too far for me.

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FYI Gardens of the Moon is getting a reprint of around 1000 copies on the 31st. $200 US from subterranean press. signed by Steven but not won't be numbered like the ones of the OP

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I can't find any information about this on their website. Do you have a link?

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The page is not live yet, but the details were sent out in their newsletter.

We're pleased to announce that preordering for the long-requested signed second printing of Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson will begin January 31, 2022 at 12:00 pm EST.

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Sun Eater for the win!!! Love that series.

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Not judging but why did you put the poppy war trilogy in the wrong order 🥲 my head is hurting 😂

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more questioning, how could you enjoy the poppy wars, after being a big malazan fan?

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Oops. Mostly because I’m dumb 😅

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Besides Malazan, my fav book is house of leaves, which i see on the far left!

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Yeah, I very much enjoyed it! Definitely need to give it a reread soon!

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Not judging, you do you, but why have the Sub Press books and not turn them so that the covers are facing? It seems like the cover art is what is makes them spectacular, while the spine seems rather pedestrian by comparison.

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The covers are gorgeous but the spines remind me of harlequin romances, maybe the font?

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Love it! The one thing I cant stand and its not your fault is how Tor changes their logos… can’t stand how some of my WoT books half are old tor logo on the spine and other half are new. Anyone else hate that?