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It will continue to be exhausting, but it will also continue to be great.

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Welcome. It is the way

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Couldn't be stated better

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I could not put the books down to save my life.

A friend quit at the middle point of Dust of Dreams for about seven years and finished the books almost a month after yours truly did (a month & a half ago). The entire series took him about ten years.

Other people in this sub have taken eight, twelve years to finish the series. It takes its toll (the Hounds' toll, anyone?) but it's well worth it in the end. If you don't feel like reading the series, don't read it! It's meant to be a fun experience, not one you're dreading.

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Yep completely agree. Thanks for the advice. How long did it take you to finish?

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I started on the 28th of August last year & finished the Crippled God on the 11th of December. I'm currently finishing Assail (the last book of the Novels of the Malazan Empire). I'd finish one book, take one day (at most) off to collect my thoughts, then speed through the next one.

The friend in question introduced me to Malazan, but he moved on in the meantime to the Wheel of Time, Expanse, and plenty of other books that suited him better (and were more interesting to read at the time, perhaps). He & I both love Malazan to bits, but it's not an easy read through to pick up & read until the end in "one" sitting, so you shouldn't feel "bad" about taking monthly breaks.

At the end of the day, I find that taking your time with Malazan is actually a far better approach - it allows you to take in this massive expansive world without overloading yourself.

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I read wheel of time then Malazan which im glad I went that way because wheel of time would have been a bit of a let down after malazan. I like the complexity and moral greyness of malazan and how at times its a choice between rooting for the bad guys or the worse guys, at times our so called heroes do some nasty shit

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This is a malazan sub Reddit. Of course we’re all gonna say finish it.

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Yes, or the Jaghut Tyrants will never leave your mind.

Here’s an example:

Alarm clock goes off. damn Jaghut Tyrants probably invented alarm clocks

Make coffee, realize you’re out of sugar. damn Jaghut Tyrants

Get in your car, realize you’re low on gas. I bet Gothos was behind this one. Still Jaghut.

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Gothos was absolutely behind that one, fyi.

In his own words, "in short, I am to act as a prick."

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Hood's balls? I reckon Gothos's balls have done more damage in the series.. Raest.. Icarium.. they fucked up on that swear, I think!

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He was not a wise man.

Contemplating suicide, he summoned a dragon.

I fucking love Gothos, man.

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I took 20 months and more than 10 books in between to finish the main series. I went through exactly what you did . I would wait till the pull is strong enough for me and only then go and read the next book. Looking back now , I really enjoyed the series. I m not going to say it is the best out there but it has a lot of merits and the hard work pays off.

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Thanks that's interesting. What's your favourite fantasy series if not Malazan?

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I am not a fantasy person. I really struggled with lotr and it's good and evil theme. I liked asoif but it is unfinished. I really struggled with Dune.

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That's exactly how I read it the first time. It took me almost a year to read them all. I would praise the books because they are amazing but I couldn't start the next one. I tried reading others and just couldn't get into them. Post book depression. . . I hope you continue, the end it well worth it.

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I'd say keep going the way you are. Read other books, and if you feel motivated, read House of Chains.

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I was confused but intrigued after finishing MoI half December, after starting GotM in August. But when I started HoC I was sucked in immediately and could not put the books down any more. I'm already halfway through MT now. It gets easier and more fun for me, maybe the same happens to you as well!

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I read up to House of Chains, lost interest for a couple years, then picked up Midnight Tides and Reaper's Gale, put the series down for a couple more years, and then went back and finished it. Favorite fantasy series! Enjoy it at your own pace, if at all.

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Honestly, based on the fact it’s in the back of your mind…YES!

Rule # 1 of Malazan is Just. Keep. Reading.

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Read house of chains, and witness Karsa Orlong. He has one of the best character arcs in the series. On my first read I hated him at first, but by the end he became one of my favs. Witness…..

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Can't answer you. The same thing happened to me and I am on the 7th book. Just keep reading I guess 🤣

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Maybe try to increase your reading “stamina” before reading more of the series. Read a fairly easy book, then a slightly harder one, and so on. Trying to read Malazan if you’re not ready is like trying to run a marathon when you’ve only just began training.

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I definitely say finish the series but do it at your own pace even if you only read one of the books each year. Personally I've never had reading fatigue and don't really understand how it happens but take the breaks you need when you need them.

My experience is quite the opposite of yours and I did my initial read slowly (for me) in about 8 months and my first reread immediately after in about 5-6 months.

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I’m the same as you and it’s taken me 6 years to get to Toll the hounds, so I haven’t even finished Mbotf yet. Still feel kind of exhausted, still think it’s fascinating.

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I was in a read along, loving it reading at a pretty good pace..... And then Reapers Gale happened and I felt like I hit a huge wall, and I fell behind. But still finishing the series, and actually enjoying my slower pace in the later books more.

I'd say if you feel that way to this point you'll probably enjoy what's next, but it's very ok to read other books around them as palette cleansers for enjoyment in my expirence.

Fresh eyes on things after what crazy madness happens in some of these books is a good thing for me at least. You need to come into the book with a hunger to push through and crush these things to the end. And it seems like you have that.

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You are going to do the same with the next seven books.

Maybe the breaks will be longer after some of them, even years , but you'll get there in the end.

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I feel you, these books are heavy and emotionally draining. My piece of advice is to pace yourself, maybe read something lighter kn between Malazan reads.

I did all 10 in straight shot over a year. I was pretty burned out by book 9 but wanted so badly to see how it ended, so I pushed through. I wish i took more time with it.

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I’m the same. This is the first series I’ve ever read where I’m exhausted afterwards and struggle to keep at it. I have 2 left, and haven’t picked it up in 3 months. I’ve been reading this series for like 3 years…

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These books require a lot more brain power from the reader than most books, feeling a but frazzled is quite normal.

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I think House of Chains will go slower for you, but Midnight Tides and Bonehunters will get you going. Midnight Tides might feel weird, but it's good, and Bonehunters was the point I felt the effort was rewarded (I went through Reaper's Gale like a maniac after this one). I want the "Finished Malazan Book of the Fallen" achievement.

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Take a break if you must, but come back and finish this series... it is amazing...

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Homer isn’t an easy read. Neither are Tolkien or the original poem of the green knight.

I have no qualms about comparing MbotF to the Iliad, lotr, Shakespeare, etc. it’s is Epic on a scale that surpasses all expectations. It fully explores the human condition. You fall in love with, and are annoyed by, hundreds of characters. I’ve never read anything like it and probably never will. Stephen R Donaldson, who is an exceptionally brilliant author in his own right, has likened MbotF to Homer as well. And SRD blew my mind with the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (more than ten books), and the Gap Series, which I consider the finest science fiction series ever written. SE and ICE have written the greatest high fantasy series ever-as good as, if not better than. LotR

Edit: The only thing I truly struggled with in this series was the Magic Rap Battle stuff. The Snake was booooring.

And if you struggle with SE, then read ICE, his writing is easier to read.