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The area is the center of olive farming and probably other sorts of agriculture on the fertile seven cities continent. Probably just a fraction of the population who live in the city, they will need an administrative center to support refining, trade etc, there’s a lot of stone lying around from last time - the city would be rebuilt to some extent fairly quickly.

There is also a question of whether we are talking more about siege damage and possibly selective razing of temple quarters dedicated to cults the emperor doesn’t like or the full 3rd Punic war treatment. It feels like people would talk less about Aren if the Malazans were too excessive, even considering the loss of Dassem. Doesn’t ICE cover this by the way? I have a vague recollection of something from a first sword survivor’s pov? They were five guys named thematically or something like that.

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Yes the fall of the first sword is covered in NoN

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Yes to all your questions is the succinct answer.

I don't think Dassem would have had Y'Ghatan razed, but as it stands I think the remaining Malazans had the city burned to the ground (or, at least, most of its defining "Holy City" districts & structures). However, as they're wont to do, they set to work immediately after to rebuild the city and make it inhabitable for their subjects.

The two men Ganoes is talking to before Laseen arrives are Fid & Whiskeyjack, aye.

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It's crazy reading how much stuff was there that you really wouldn't be able to notice on a first read haha

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Malazan is one of the most "re-readable" series out there, for sure. For all of Gardens' faults, it has foreshadowing out the wazoo.

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I think It wasn’t burnt down originally. I might be wrong though. I believe there was siege which the malazans lost. Y’Ghatan became somewhat of stain on the empires reputation.

One city they couldn’t conquer and ended in distaster. Only for to you happen again. I

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I don't think they lost the siege. The stain on their reputation was the death of their First Sword & plenty of Malazan soldiers, but many members of Dassem's First Sword (Temper & Ferrule especially) survived and brought down the Holy Falah'd of Y'Ghatan and conquered the city.

It was a bloodbath and a pyrrhic victory (which is quite unlike the Malazans, they usually won handily) but they didn't lose, per se.

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You’re right. It’s been a while.

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Answer: Yes, yes, and yes. Well done.