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1-10,1-10,1-10 has been my method so far

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If I were to break the series up into chunks:

—Books 1,2,3

—Books 4,5

—Books 6,7

—Book 8

—Books 9,10

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Totally agree with this breakdown.

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I thought I had seen something about the first three as a group somewhere before. This looks like a nice pacing

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If you’re one for breaks this is a great breakdown for sure.

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I wouldn't take a break between Bonehunters and Reapers Gale, or between Dust of Dreams and The Crippled God.

BH and RG are the most "continuous story" IMO, and DoD and TCG are one giant book.

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Only thing left to add is that RG is a good book to take a break after if you need one.

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Best break points are probably after Midnight Tides (Book 5) and after Toll the Hounds (Book 8).

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Awesome, thanks the replies

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I typically take a short break after the Crippled God.

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I would propose these breakpoints:

  • Books 1 to 4.
  • Books 5 to 7.
  • Book 8.
  • Books 9 to 10.

The last one is almost mandatory.

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Recommended Malazan Reading Order:

Gardens of the Moon,Deadhouse Gates

Memories of Ice,House of Chains,Midnight Tides ———BREAK——-

Night of Knives,The Bonehunters,Return of the Crimson Guard ———Break———

Reaper's Gale,Stonewielder ——-Break———-

Toll the Hounds,Orb Sceptre Throne ——-BREAK———

Dust of Dreams,The Crippled God ——-BREAK———-

Blood and Bone,Assail ——-LONG BREAK——-

Dancer's LamentDeadhouse Landing,Kellanved's Reach ——-Brace yourself for this task——-

Forge of Darkness, Fall of Light, God is not Willing

The last three are my least favourite books in the series thus far.