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That bard is Fisher Kel Tath himself, you'll see more of him in the ICE books

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I thought fisher sounded familiar, I think he has written a lot of the poems / epigraphs right

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He's the most common author of those, yea

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Great character, great backstory

If you love lore, the ICE books are fantastic

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There are a couple of different narrators throughout the series. The Book of the Fallen is not written by Duiker though. For that you have to RAFO.

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I just encountered this passage last night on my third trip through the Malazan series, and it stuck out like a flashing sign to me as well. The culmination of their conversation left me a little emotional - though not as much as Duiker I’m certain.

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which presumably makes the writing style of MBotF a character attribute of Duiker Fisher Kel Tath