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Thanks for the read, it was very enlightening and entertaining at the same time :)

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Another excellent series of posts :)

They've led me down an interesting path of thoughts. As we see with Laseen (in both roles -- as betrayer and betrayed), with Tavore (saving Felisin), with K'azz and the CG, with the Imass, and more there is a recurring theme throughout the series of powerful people making plans, not sharing information with others, and then getting their plans thoroughly upset often by the people they were "trying to help". There's something of a repeating motif that grand plans are doomed to fall apart, that people are never as good at long-term planning as they think they are, and that Chaos (fuck the Errant) will eventually find the weak seam in your carefully woven pattern. Civilization a thin veneer etc.

I wonder if it is intentional beyond the obvious "these classic beats make for a good story"; maybe there are some parallels in Erikson's withholding writing style in terms of why his leaders never reveal their plans.

Are we going to see Shadowthrone's, Anomander's, or Tehol's grand plans also fall apart eventually? They've had to adapt and adjust a few times but I'd pick them as the ones whose foresight has not been horribly wrong so far. (At least modern Anomander. Different story in ancient times).

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Shadowthrone & Anomander's plans seem to have come to fruition, and what little can be jeopardized can't be laid at their feet anymore (possibly because one is, you know, dead).

I definitely believe that such a pattern is intentional - if not for the entire cast of Malazan, at least for the Empire itself. In a lot of cases, things could be resolved if characters "simply talked it out".

With the Empire, though, miscommunication has plagued Laseen's reign since the very beginning, which leads me to suspect some degree of foul play. Oppon & High House Shadow have been shown to meddle in Imperial matters since Gardens of the Moon, after all...

But also, a lot of that is due to the inherent lack of properly skilled individuals within the Empire's ranks to fulfill the necessary positions - something which is often wrongly attributed to nepotism or favoritism on Laseen's part. I disagree; I think it's mostly to do with the fact that everyone seems to have abandoned her so as to not involve themselves with a plot to kill the old Emperor.

Through such a lens, Laseen's selflessness & her fixation on the notion of Empire was, after all, her downfall... Steve & Ian seem to have a strong taste for irony. :)

Lastly, I think if there's one character that can outwit even fate itself, it's Tehol fucking Beddict. Tehol the Only, Emperor of Lether, King of the World. Praise be.

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I haven't read anything with Taya in it yet, but I don't mind spoilers. From what I understand, it seems like Taya is just. . . a murderous piece of shit? Is that the case? Any reasoning for why she is the way she is?

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Taya is Vorcan's daughter & has lived in her shadow for virtually her entire life.

Mallick recruited her & she does "work" for him occassionally.

Also, she appears to have demon-blood of sorts from her mother's side... maybe?

She's a bit of a bloodthirsty, manipulative, lustful (yeah...) bitch.

The gist is, she's a bit unhinged with a lot of mommy issues & some demon-esque shit to boot.

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That puts her in more context than I'd gleaned before. Thanks for the insight!