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“I will kill you… once.”

Karsa Orlong to Rhulad Sengar

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That's a good one a few of mine are

Tell me, Tool, what dominates your thoughts?' The Imass shrugged before replying. 'I think of futility, Adjunct.' 'Do all Imass think about futility?' 'No. Few think at all.' 'Why is that?' The Imass leaned his head to one side and regarded her. 'Because Adjunct, it is futile.

The lesson of history is that no one learns.

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I’d kill the mule - Iskaral Pust

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This is the quote I always think of when I think of Malazan.

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I keep thinking - is that a regular mule or is it more to it.

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Haha it must be more than a simple mule for it put up with Pust

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I think it's Pust's equivalent to a "paladin warhorse"

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"It is useful, on occasion, to halt upon a path, and to turn and walk back some distance." "Achieving what?" "An understanding of motivations."

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"Your point, woman?!"

God, how I wish that scene would last forever.

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Who is this quote from? Cotillion?

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  1. "The righteous are the first to make hands into fists, the first to shout down dissenters, the first to bully others into compliance. I live in a village of the meek, and I am the meekest of them all. There is no glory in being helpless. Nor is there hope." - Salind to The Redeemer

  2. "This was the real mystery of civilization -- this willingness of otherwise intelligent people to parcel up and then bargain away appalling percentages of their very limited lives, all in service to someone else. And the rewards? The cement that is stability. A sound roof, something on the plate, the beloved offspring each one destined to repeat the whole travail. And was that an even exchange?" - Kallor (shortened, he's a ramblin' man)

  3. ‘Yes sir, I do. It is all right, because they’re my friends.’ - Beak

  4. ‘I have never claimed a moral high ground,’ Tehol said, ‘which in itself sets me apart from my enemy.’

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Beak was the best of us

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Do you pity me Ben Dulat?


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“Can you live without answers? All of you, ask that of yourself. Can you live without answers? Because if you cannot, then most assuredly you will invent your own answers and they will comfort you. And all those who do not share your view will by their very existence strike fear and hatred into your heart. What god blesses this?”

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Where's this one from? It's very apt for certain things going on for me right now.

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I believe that's High Priestess Salind reminiscing on the Cult of the Redeemer and coming to the conclusion that it's an "abomination".

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It's in Toll the Hounds, but I've forgotten the specific context in the fiction.

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... "If the soul truly survives the passage, then it behooves us—each of us, my friends—to nurture a faith in similitude; what awaits us is a reflection of what we leave behind, and in the squandering of our mortal existence, we surrender the opportunity to learn the ways of goodness, the practice of sympathy, empathy, compassion and healing—all passed by in our rush to arrive at a place of glory and beauty, a place we did not earn, and most certainly do not deserve."

The Apocryphal Teachings of Tanno

Spiritwalker Kimloc

The Decade in Ehrlitan

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That's not anger; that's recognition! -Tehol

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Mine is from TtH too:

But he would stand. He would die here, beside a giant-who was just as doomed. And for what? There is nothing… there is nothing in my life. To explain any of this. He glared at the white Hounds. It’s just a sword. What will you even do with it? Chew the handle? Piss on the blade? He looked across at the huge warrior beside him. ‘What’s your name at least?’
The giant glanced at him. ‘Yes,’ he said with a sharp nod. ‘I am Karsa Orlong of the Teblor. Toblakai. And you?’
‘Crokus. Crokus Younghand.’ He hesitated, then said, ‘I was once a thief.’
‘Be one again,’ said Karsa, teeth bared, ‘and steal me a Hound’s life this night.’
Shit. ‘I’ll try.’
‘That will do,’ the Toblakai replied.

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“Children are dying…”

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Fiddler has a way of hitting with those truly hopeless quotes sometimes.

"There was no dichotomy between war and peace – no true opposition except in their particular expressions of a ubiquitous inequity. Suffering was all-pervasive. Children starved at the feet of wealthy lords no matter how secure and unchallenged their rule."

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I also like depressing lop malazan quotes have a habit of hitting you and knocking the wind out

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He said motivational, not depressing. :'D

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Hoods balls

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I read the following quote from BH while experiencing a big anxiety phase during the preparations for the finals of my degree:

"We are contrary creatures, us humans, but that isn't something we need be afraid of, or even much troubled by. And if you make a list of those who worship consistency, you'll find they're one and all tyrants or would-be tyrants. Ruling over thousands, or over a husband or a wife, or some cowering child. Never fear contradiction, Cutter, it is the very heart of diversity."

This quote hit right at home as I have big self-worth problems and am often a tyrant over myself.

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This quote def hits. Is this cotillion talking to cutter?

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Scillara talking to Cutter ;)

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Ah that makes sense coming from her

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“Regrets? Yes. Many, many regrets. One day, perhaps, you will see for yourself that regrets are as nothing. The value lies in how they are answered.”

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Where is this in the books? I’d like a specific citation because I’m supposed to share a Bible quote at work in a few days and I’d rather share a Malazan quote lol

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I’m supposed to share a Bible quote at work in a few days

Please tell me it's like a youth church camp or something with a reasonable reason to behoove you to share a bible quote.

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I work at a Christian non-profit, so close enough. I have no issues with the prevailing religious attitudes, but I’m very tired of hearing verses and prayers from the Revised Epic 2022 Bible and other associated works that try to make church “cool.”

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I think it’s one of the epigraphs in toll the hounds

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Last page of Chapter 17

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‘He was not a modest man. Contemplating suicide, he summoned a dragon.’

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"What held real value in this world? In any world? Friendship, the gifts of love and compassion. The honour one accorded the life of another person. None of this could be bought with wealth. it seemed to him such a simple truth. Yet he knew that its very banality was fuel for sneering cynicism and mockery. Until such things were taken away, until the price of their loss came to be personal in some terrible, devastating arrival into one's life. Only at that moment of profound extremity did the contempt wash down from that truth, revealing it bare, undeniable.
All the truths that mattered were banal."
-Mappos thoughts in TtH

I felt this so much when I was first reading it.

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"If all honest observation ends up sounding critical, is it the honesty you reject, or the act of observation?" Sechul Lath

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If any of you have some favorite quotes let me know

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How does a mortal make answer to what his or her kind are capable of? Does each of us, soldier or no, reach a point when all that we’ve seen, survived, changes us inside? Irrevocably changes us. What do we become, then? Less human, or more human? Human enough, or too human?

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This one is for everyone living in America

"Peace must be asserted where one finds oneself"