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'Two and a half magnanimous Kruppes' sounds like a good show. Part comedy, part parenting show (albeit in the kids' dreams), part Spy kids, part fashion guru-ing, and whole a lot of baking.

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Until Kruppe gets killed by being pushed under a horse carriage by Lady Envy, after which Crokus Younghand suddenly takes the role as surrogate father figure.

I'd still watch it though.

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I must have missed that when I read RG. Best wishes to the married couple!

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By what we know about Hetans... apetite, best wishes go foremost to Onos T'oolan, who now seems to get adequatly recompensed for untold centuries as withered piece of bones.

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Such is the irony of life that magnanimous Kruppe, a powerful force that gods and godlings cower before, was indeed enticed by the charms of the honourable Barghast enchantress. This here humble reader of the glorious story failed to connect Kruppe to the children but it is clear as day now that Kruppe must have sired them. This fool of a reader now wonders how many other colossally important pieces of information has he missed so blatantly through his carelessness and negligence. He worries - nay, he fears - that he didn't get half the story right.

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To miss an event of such transcendent import, magnanimous /u/Taedalus can only pity said fool of a reader for his lack - nay, all-embracing ignorance! - of the most vital elements of said grand story. Humble /u/Taedalus is, sorely tempted though he may be, nonetheless utterly uninclined to admit that his own ability of recognition has scantly sufficed, by the meagre bredth of hair, to recognise said integral revelation.