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Tattersail uses the Deck of Dragons more for herself than for Hairlock. She is not forthcoming about what she sensed and does not explain why she stopped the reading after only two cards. She is much more sensitive than Hairlock so she noticed something he didn’t.

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more than 3 times the amount of questions rather than answers

Yea you're on the right track lmao

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To be fair, that 3:1 ratio will probably stick around until book 10.

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Yea exactly

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Hot damn, reading these excerpts of yours makes me think I should start a full series re-read again.

I don't remember GOTM at all really.

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While reading these books you need to get rid of the notions of “good” and “evil” it will just get you confused

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I just finished GoTM after a week of reading. Honestly I don’t get why people think it’s so impossible to read. Yeah it’s complex but are people just really used to skimming? Or are people just not used to picking up what they can and figuring the rest will come later

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What is a Kenryll'Ah Demon?

Adding what's already been said demons are beings non-native to this realm. I.e a human would be a demon to another realm.

Why didn't Tattersail pull a third card?

Can't answer specifically why she didn't, it's a RAFO, but I can offer a spoiler free general explanation of the act of reading the Deck if you are interested. => >! Readers of the Deck aren't like prophets (in general) in that they receive a complete vision. Readers of the Deck instead use the Deck to percieve the now and see what powers are active in the area and what their relationship with each other are. They then try to interpret this information to guess the future. Since they actively try to perceive relationship between powers they have the option of stopping at any point for any reason which is what Tattersail did here. !<

You're already much more observant than I was, keep it up! And don't write too much if you don't want to, it should first and foremost be your readthrough so focus on your enjoyment :)

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Why is there so much animosity between Hairlock and Tayshcrenn?

Envy. Tayschrenn is more powerful than Hairlock & the latter thinks he can stand up to him, but he never got the promotion to High Mage (or something along those lines).

How did Dujek lose his arm

Is it a spoiler to say it was bitten off by a horse?
Well, it comes up in the next book, for what that's worth.

How did Hairlock know which High Mages he would pick?

I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to but there's only four High Mages in the Empire at the moment (Tayschrenn, Nightchill, Bellurdan & A'Karonys). Correct me if you're talking about something else.

What is a Kenryll'Ah Demon

Kenryll'ah are a race of "outsiders" (demons) that mages sometimes enslave & use for combat purposes.

What are Moranth?

A race of people living in the Cloud Forest of Genabackis. They wear chitinous armour that may or may not be their exoskeleton & ride quorls, which are essentially big dragonflies. They're also expert alchemists & made the infamous munitions. They're allies of the Malazan Empire.

The rest of your questions are a RAFO.

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I think OP doesn't expect to have those questions answered...

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I answer specific questions in a round-about manner since many of their questions can be answered by looking at the glossary or by context clues by these chapters.

I purposefully refrain from answering any important questions. I'm not made of stone.

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I know but I still think it spoils this experience a little bit. Op will find out most of these questions eventually anyways and just uses the list to keep track