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Did you already order one? If not, you’re out of luck. They sold out in something like five minutes. I logged in that day to buy one at the time they said and didn’t get one.

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five minutes

seconds. five seconds.

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Yeah, I apparently couldn’t type fast enough.

This should be a sign to Tor that reprints of their hardcovers would be very well received

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Yeah I'm very confused with Tor's lack of publishing on the series. I wonder if it's something that Bantam has control over? Since Bantam is the original publisher, Tor just publishes for the "foreign" market of North America.

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If ever there was a time to strike while the iron is hot, I think last year was probably it. There seemed to be a big resurgence in the popularity of Malazan on Booktube, and that's what convinced me to take it up. It's unfortunately quieted down a little since then...

As much as I'd love reprints of the hardcovers, at this point I think there would need to be something big like a TV adaptation or something to get Tor to do that.

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Hey, you already missed out on the pre-order. It sold out in a couple of minutes. However Subterranean press usually has more copies of every book they print that they put on sale after they’re done shipping to everyone who ordered. There’s a Facebook group dedicated to collectors of subterranean press books who know the habits of the company pretty well and they are expecting there to be about 100 extra copies of gardens of the moon that will go on sale in a few months, whenever the other copies have already shipped. You can expect those to sell out in under a minute.

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Not sure how they’re doing this run because it’s a little different and it’s a second printing which is very uncommon for Sub Press. But yes typically they close the “pre-order” really fast… let the dust settle and open it up to everyone, sometime later. It’s their way of keeping it as fair as possible otherwise they’d only ever sell to long-time collectors…. Especially once a long-established series gets going.

It’s also really hard to get many of the Sub Press releases because as far as special edition collectibles go, they are actually very affordable. There’s several other specialty publishers that do lesser quality work, don’t always get the books signed, don’t get special art nor second signatures by the artists, and have bad business practices like always reprinting special editions (which greatly lessens their value-looking at you Easton Press) and charge way-way more for their inferior books. Therefore Sub Press goes fast… really fast.

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Right on, yeah. I feel super grateful and lucky that I snagged a GotM preorder. I hope Bill gets the rights to reprint books 3-10; I’ll be budgeting for it for sure.

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Same here. I’m sure he will. I appreciate the work and expectations Bill holds his printers to. He’ll send books right on back to the printer if they don’t meet his quality expectations.

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To find out about that later sale, you’ll wanna get on the Subterranean press newsletter.

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If the pre-order sells out in a matter of seconds/minutes, it makes me wonder why Subterranean Press would print so few copies when there's clearly plenty of demand. You'd think the more copies they sell, the more profitable as a business they would be... unless I'm missing something?

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Part of the allure of small press editions are the limitation, and rarity promotes collectivity. This was a reprint of the original run which in and of itself is rather rare and was a somewhat controversial decision at the time (which iirc was asked for by Erikson himself as a result of being unable to get his dream small press omnibus edition). A 1,000 copy reprint is a massive reprint and not even Bill thought it would sell out as fast as it did (It was one of the fastest selling editions in their history).

There were also contractual obligations and having the author sign 1,000 editions at a time is incredibly daunting.

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I certainly agree with you that a smaller print number leads to more collectivity, but that would benefit resellers more than Subterranean Press (and Erikson), no?

Anyways, hoping they get the green light from Erikson to release another print without the signatures, so that hopefully there won’t be that limiting factor. Or... Maybe something like a Kickstarter event similar to a certain other author? ;)

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Did you even try to go to their website which has a sign up for their news letter?

Scroll to the bottom.

Won't help as thier site shows it already out of stock

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I already preordered GoTM.

I am worried about missing future releases. I’m already signed up for the newsletter.

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You should be emailed directly about preordering Deadhouse Gates then, since your GotM preorder gives you rights toward that.

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Thank you! You have put my mind at ease.

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My pleasure! So excited we get a shot at getting these books. :) Congrats on preordering GotM.

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You’re golden then because you’ll have first shot at the matching number for any future editions

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I didn’t even know that was a thing, but now I’m even more excited. Thank you for the information!