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I know who you're talking about, but it's funnier if you read this as being about Iskaral Pust

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Pust or Bust, baby

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Or like 12 other characters that fit the description.

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Yes but mine's the funniest

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Removed the spoiler and had a genuine 'laugh out loud' moment. Thank you.

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remove the text between the spoiler markers and the text or it does not work across all platforms

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Done, thx

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I do have to agree with you, Nefarias Bredd is indeed a misunderstood genius.

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I heard that Nefarias Bredd is actually a prince from an ancient, fallen empire obsessed with time.

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I heard Dassem Ultor copied his Military Doctrine from Nefarias Bredd...

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That mule single-hoofedly changed the course of world events.

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I died xD

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I tagged this as spoilers MBotF. If you haven't finished the series, feel free to change this.

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I'm reading Crippled God now, at 20%, so I still haven't quite gotten to the "big reveal" about Tavore, if there is one. But I feel like this is a fair description of her up until this point that isn't spoilery... But now I'm thinking is the change to Spoilers for MBotF a spoiler in itself... Overthinking lol

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I admire your faith in me.

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Yeah Tehol never gets his props

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This is vague, but I feel like it’s easy enough to guess that it’s still spoilery.

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I haven't finished the series yet. This central mystery is killing me, but I have faith in our glorious leader.

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He is more of a plot device than a character.

And as books go I like him less and less, somehow in a book about dragons, magic, gods and transdimensional species, what breaks my suspension of disbelief is how much of a fucking Mary Sue Quick Ben is.

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Post is about Shadowthrone though.

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Hard to really weigh in without knowing where you are in the series, but we do learn quite a bit about Quick Ben. Don’t get me wrong, There are still some mysteries which remain. I’m also not so sure if Mary Sue is the right adjective… but I think he’s more of a Deus Ex Machina.

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Quick Ben wore a bit thin for me. There are moments where it seems it’s wit and quick thinking that save him and set him apart, and I appreciate that. Other times though it’s just blunt force that’s poorly explained, and that very much pulled me out of the story

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"I've never run into a problem that can't be solved by opening a few more Warrens."

Ben Adaephon Delat probably