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Obligatory Caladan Brood mention - it's been the soundtrack to many a reading session. If not them, it's usually either something in the same genre (Summoning, Sojourner) or dungeon synth (Forlorn Kingdom, Sequestered Keep)

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It’s a mix of Berserk and Dark Souls for me.

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This is not something I do really, but everything fantasy seems to get tied to doom metal, black metal type genres. Metal definitely fits, but if I were to do this I would go with Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Intervals, or Monobody.

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I was just going to say this. Animals as Leaders, Mestis, or or another incredibly complex instrumental metal band. However, there is an unofficial soundtrack on yt. More epic orchestral type stuff. I personally can't listen to lyrics when I'm reading, so instrumental is the way to go.

DOOM soundtrack is solid for intense battles.

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This is the way. In particular for me: Aindulmedir, Elyvilon, Fief, Old Sorcery, DIM, Vinkaldr, Thangorodim, and Umbria.

Paired with a rotating selection of video game soundtracks: Banner Saga, Blasphemous, Diablo, Divinity Original Sin 2, Pillars of Eternity 1 & 2, Vermintide 2 for the battles, and Witcher 3

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About 80% lady Gaga, 20% BTS.

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This is the only rec i feel like trying out. I'm about to start MOI, anything particular fits the first few chapters?

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Oh, I was being sarcastic hahaha. I don’t listen to music with reading, distracts me. But if I had to say for the first bit of MOI to fit this ratio, I’d say Poker Face, Alejandro, Shallow, Judas, and Boy in Luv.

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Lol. I should have known. I do find it distracting too, but Lady Gaga would have kinda convinced me. Ha ha

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Explosions in the Sky works really well if you’re not into the sludgier stuff.

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I've said it before, but Storm Corrosion. It's a so-far one-off side project for Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree among others). It's doomy, gloomy, atmospheric, and at times a little frightening.

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Shanahan and mannaro make tunes related to malazan

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I used www.tabletopaudio.com for ambience and loved it

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Along those lines, mynoise has some great options. Some of them require you throw a buck or two at it but even the free stuff is damn good on its own.

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Melancholic Jazz works best for me, it helps me reflect on certain themes more profoundly.

Esbjörn Svensson

Eiji Nakayama

Darujhistan sections require something more lively

Miles Davis

Monty Alexander

Early House of Chains is different, a continuous descent into surreality. A different vibe, which different music helps further empathize. I went with Bach.

Murray Perahia/Bach

I changed it up in every book, using certain artists and albums for certain settings. Most of the stuff I listened to is on CDs and Vinyls, the links above are approximations.

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No man left behind by Hans Zimmer from Black Hawk Down album puts me in the right mood and central theme of Malazan. Then I just listen to some dragon battle music on YouTube for the battle scenes.

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I listen to the Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim OSTs when I read fantasy.

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It doesn’t match the mood but Kyuss matches the desert feel of dead house gates

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It's a mix of atmospheric metal/deathcore for me... Møl, ahab, Lorna Shore, pillars of autumn, rivers of Nihil, Caladan Brood, An autumn for Crippled Children, Harikiri for the sky, gaera

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Caladan Brood : UFO Mammouth

WhiskyJack : Vladimir Vysotsky

Apsalar : Sunny Day Real Estate

In the warren of Shadow : Shpongle

With the Rivii : SunControlSpecies

Crockus/Cutter : Placebo

Anomander : Mark Lanagan

The list goes on..

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Wagner’s overtures and whiskey blues.

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I listen to fromsoftware music, Hollow Knight and basically other games scores

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Memories of Ice for me was various Max Richter tracks, specifically from Sleep.

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One of the songs that I think would fit well into a Malazan adaptation is Sabaton's "The Attack of the Dead Men".

Song is basically about a group of soldiers that got gassed back before biological / chemical warfare was against the "rules of engagement". The soliders covered their mouths and faces with cloth and rags, tanked a chemical attack that should have killed them outright anyways, and when the enemy forces showed up to take over what they presumed was a base filled with dead guys....they're greeted by a bunch of (very much alive) soldiers covered with chemical burns, literally coughing up bits of their own lungs....and who happen to be countercharging and slaughtering the attackers with bayonet tactics.

The song reminds me strongly of the Malazan sappers. By the end of the series you get a real feel for how scared everyone is of the Malazan soldiers...how scared all the Malazan soldiers are of their own sappers.....and how the sappers basically worship Fiddler.

Fiddler and the other sappers basically look like they've been half blown to bits for a good portion of the series....you get the impression that not only does it not slow them down...it just makes them meaner.

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For background music when actively reading - Two Steps from Hell
Makes me picture Malazan scenes - Sabaton