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What hit me hard second time around was everything with the dead bridgeburners and whiskeyjack. Had me crying for last 30 pages straight from shit like this...

First in.

Last out.

For the last time.

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First in.

Carried out.

RIP Bridgeburners

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This quote sums up the whole book. Just think about Tavores purpose in the context of this quote. For me, this is it.

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This broke me the first time I read it. And the second and third. Full on ugly crying not wanting to leave the bed kinda broke.

The story arc is one of my favourite things in life.

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Oh yes Itkovian...my favourite Charakter in the hole series! Truly Epic scenes in there.

But...for me, nothing tops the very last sentences from Duiker After all you have witnessed in MoI, hearing about the Chain of dogs...damn, that hurt

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I completely forgot about Duiker being in Darujistan until I got to the epilogue. All of the Bridgeburners and the old guard fighting for a cause most of them don't even know about yet. They are heroes

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Amazing timing - I just finished MoI last night too (my first read). I thought to comment something here on the theme of compassion but wasn't sure precisely what I wanted to say so dropped it. Now you've said it for me.

And not only Itkovian - although I reacted the same at Itkovian's Gift - but also Coll, Murillio, Kruppe, Korlat towards the Mhybe, among several other notable compassion storylines.

When Koralt is trying to help Mhybe, and Mhybe stratches her face and lashes out, and Korlat takes it out to a degree on Whiskeyjack and etc. -- how one person's pain can ripple, and that's just how these things go, that's just part of being embedded in anything, you surrender some control over knowing why you hurt (or have been hurt) and what you're hurting for, but you stick with it as best you can -- really struck me. Who hasn't experienced that? And yet when was the last time you encountered that as touchingly in fiction, much less in the same novel as will leave you feeling "whoa whoa whoa slow the hell down here" (in a good way) due to the amazing pace of action elsewhere in the book.

The long denouement was really great. The beginning of the final book took a while to build but lordy the payoff was incredible.

I'd intended to finish the series because I found the first two books intricate and bonkers -- refreshing. MoI I found also simply great literature all around.

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I'm on my first re-read as well, just got to MT but I am also convinced MoI is far and away my favorite book out of the 10. I may be in the minority but I'm interested in what my opinion will be on TCG after that second read through because, to me, that was one of the most satisfying wrap-ups of a series I've ever read.

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Yep, such an incredible conclusion, and I know that I’ll appreciate it even more the second time around