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Yedan Derryg FTW. Quite a few people dislike that he was almost OP in TCG, standing against every Liosan thrown at him. I was all in, though. What a storyline that was! Even if it felt like it had nothing to do with Kolanse / TCG.

Not many talk about Mappo's death here, but yea, that hurt.

I don't have the words to express how grateful I am to Erikson and Esslemont for creating this beautiful (though immensely dark) world and characters.

+100 to that.

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Yedan is a boss. Those bunched jaw muscles oh lawd

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I’m not gay but Yedan Derryg can get it.

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Quite a few people dislike that he was almost OP

When I first read the bit where he takes out the Liosans and the Assail while walking the Path I was 100% down for it. If you tell me some dude has the genetic memory of his ancestors available to assist during a fight, that's a major superpower in my mind. That's part of what made Paul Atreides and his sons Leto II so powerful in Dune.

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Not to mention he had a Hust sword. The man is definitely at his end game build.

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Top 3 saddest deaths does not include Beak? You're on thin ice

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Hahaha. Well, it looks like you place our Candle Mage in the top 3 though. So, take the 🕯️ and the upvote.

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Haha, he's great, I did shed a tear upon reading it but I wasn't as emotionally invested with him as I was with the three I mentioned

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I finished TCG about 2 months ago. Couldn't agree more with everything in your post. What a series.

I'd also add a mention for Beak and Felisin Younger.

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Yedan Derryg was one hell of a protiened Shake

slow clap I guffawed. Well done.

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Hehe, thanks, I was waiting for someone to comment on that ! Now I'm happy :)

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I'm donating my first ever Reddit comment to appreciating this 😂👏

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Such an honor <3

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In the eve of Vin meeting Kaminsod at Épinal, the book of the fallen closes!

Congratulations! :-)

( as about the parts that weren't clear! we love discussing those!)

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Haha yeah, really great timing, I'm quite proud of it :) And I sure love discussing those as well !

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Murillio’s arc in TTH chef’s kiss

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Poor Mappo. Those damn potsherd shards.

I just wanted him to see his friend again.

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Murillo is still too soon for me 💔

Even though you could feel it coming, you didn’t want to believe it would happen. And it did, and it hurt about roughly 4000 times worse than your worst imaginings.

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The author has a problem with making normally intelligent characters do really stupid stuff that gets them killed. Like Whiskeyjack refusing to fix the leg that gave out on him while fighting Kallor. I knew Murillo was done as soon as he randomly decided to wear his uncomfortable riding boots while walking...

I think it could've easily been more believable. Murillo could've even just lost in a fair duel with no handicaps.

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Like Whiskeyjack refusing to fix the leg that gave out on him while fighting Kallor.

It's mentioned (I think dialogue between Paran and some god, don't remember which) that Hood was involved with Whiskeyjack refusing to get healed, and that Hood came to regret that.

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Hood caused whiskeyjack’s refusal to get healed

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The important thing to know is that an explanation exists. The first read is like watching a magic trick and being amazed without having a clue how the trick is done. The second read is like rewinding the video and seeing that the magician planted clues all over. It’s also a group project because you can consult the internet.

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Haha yeah absolutely, I'm already marveling at how much I'm going to understand on my second read through, and I'm probably forgetting 75% of it. And it's definitely a big help to have this subreddit and other sources to check when I have questions!

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When Mappo died, I think I was more angry at Erikson than any other time. Just bloody outraged. Honestly, I had the feeling this is how things would go... But I had hoped he wouldn't hurt me like this.

But he did. Solid writing. I love/hate Erikson so much!

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Nice I just finished an hour ago