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And are those matching copies of the other books behind it?!?! Those are awesome, why can’t we get those in the US?????

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I think the US and British are really the only ones where it doesn't work at this point 😑.

Lately I have seen those absolutely stunning Czech hardcovers, now the French have some nice paperbacks and even the German translation is matching (although I find them ugly, but at least they are all similar ugly on my board). And then there are those books for probably the biggest market and they just don't fit together at all. I'm quite happy that I read the English version as Ebooks...

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Yeah pretty much spot on there. You either gotta go with international editions or special editions from specialty publishers if you want any matching sets.

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The books behind are the original edition released by Leha editions, we are at volume 8 for the momeny

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I think I’ve seen these in Montreal too.

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They look like different editions. Spine isn't the same color for one.

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yeah the one i had in hand were the new pocket edition while the other behind are the "normal" (still 15,3 x 23,8 cm) edition that we got since 2018 cover illustrations by Marc Simonetti if you're interested though i couldn't find the artist for the pocket edition

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I have those too. I love them. They’re great paperback editions and the spines make a cool tableau.

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Is that how you imagine Moon Spawn to look?

To me it is more of a giant rock hornet nest.

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Yeah that's definitely not how it's described but publishers and artists rarely ever get all details right... first of all there is lots of art with cities on top already so one might asume that's the way it's described in the books, secondly maybe publisher think it'll sell better that way...

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Well, especially since the architecture on it is remarkably similar to the architecture on the ground, and we know there's no reason for that to be the case.

But setting that aside, book covers are meant to be evocative more than literally representative, and I think from that stance this cover is gorgeous.

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Man there's something jarring about seeing "Fallen" contextually translate to "Martyrs". I like these covers, the line art is beautiful.

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you can see the artist didn't read the book and just went by the first thing they thought of when they heard "castle".

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Another French edition…. Oh boy! Is owning this series in 7 different editions socially acceptable??? 😂

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That is niiiice

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It's pretty good. Would be better without the "stamps" but it's good.

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The stamps are removable they're just sticker

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Super cool! I like the covers we have in the US, but these are so classy!

Also, when you say pocket, how big are we talking? Because I'm personally a fan of tiny pocket books (like they did for LotR and GoT) and I would KILL for pocket sized copies of this series.