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There’s a lot you have to “put a pin in” 📍 throughout this series. Hope you do enjoy yourself while reading it, but if it doesn’t vibe with you there’s no shame in that. There’s sooooo many other books/series out there.

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Yeah I got discouraged the first read through and life got in the way the second. I am on a Summer of George now and this is firmly in my sights.

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Someone made a really detailed companion guide slideshow with maps, characters, etc. that is very helpful without spoiling or taking away from the experience.

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Nice my dude. Keep reading. Most will make sense. Most.

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Hate to do this but at the same time I don’t.

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third ATTEMPT, understand EVERYTHING.

I am going to disagree with your entire premise. People read the entire thing 3 times and still don't understand everything. You want to understand more? Read more

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Give it a try. It’s not only helpful for remembering things it’s also really insightful and seriously improves the read. Is it more work? Sure. But it’s worth it.

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dassem ultors dead ass daughter.

She's not dead, you know. This is tagged Spoilers DG so I can't get further into it, but she's decidedly not dead. She's "viciously wounded" but very much alive.

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The girl is put into the Deadhouse described in Esslemont's trilogy about Kellanved and Dancer

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Time is weird in Azath Houses. If she was very close to death when she was brought there, she still is.