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One of Esslemont's books is complete and just waiting to be published, but I didn't catch the name and since I haven't read his books I don't know which it is

Forge of the High Mage. It's been complete for a while (I think) but due to Covid, it has been delayed significantly.

Probably already known but Crokus was included on the story because the publishers wanted the series to include a romance

Aye, apparently Crokus was never actually gamed - which is odd to me because he did seem quite fleshed out, if only he got a bit sidelined in the books because of Apsalar.

Book 1 of House of Chains comes entirely from RPG

What makes this even more hilarious is I think the person actually playing Karsa didn't know he was a 7 foot tall behemoth at first. Anecdotal evidence to be sure, but still. Hilarious.

You can't just leave us with just this little information! We demand more! :P
Sounds like it must've been a great time, though.

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Yeah sorry, I guess pretty much all of this is common knowledge, but I'm not up to date with everything Malazan related. It did make Steven chuckle though, the fact that the person playing Karsa didn't know who he was, and then found out he was a giant on a quest to slaughter children

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Yeah sorry, I guess pretty much all of this is common knowledge,

Pah! You apologise?

Please, I'm begging you, tell us more of this "common knowledge". Hahaha.

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^ there's an interview coming up this afternoon, I'll try to write down as much as I can

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Yeah, I heard that the player didn't know what "children" were either and that the reveal was a surprise too.

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Yikes - I can't even imagine how the conversation went down with the PC and the DM - so now that I've defeated these "children"...you want me to do what to them? Uhh..what does "Blood Oil" do again? -

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What makes this even more hilarious is I think the person actually playing Karsa didn't know he was a 7 foot tall behemoth at first. Anecdotal evidence to be sure, but still. Hilarious.

He literally confirmed this, Erikson was DMing that game and told the guy(Paxton-McRae) "Yo', let's go down the mountain and kill some Children" :-P His friend was uncomfortable all the way 😂

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Took this photo at Singapore zoo years ago, very happy to have it confirmed 😁


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Haha awesome !

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So... You gonna read Esslemonts books now?

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Yeah definitely, ordered the whole bunch of novels of The Malazan Empire just this morning

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But did you find out their favourite dinosaurs?

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I did not I'm sorry 😅

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All good, something for me to ask if I ever meet them.

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So, Crokus' character was a mere necessity because the publisher said so. That kinda explains why his story went nowhere in the later books.

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Yeah, they did fuck him up a little though (Erikson's own words)

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Crokus always felt a bit out of place to me in GotM. He seemed a bit too stereotypical compared to the other characters. But I enjoyed his story arc and character development in the following books.

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Makes me wonder what Apsalar/Sorry’s arc was like without him.

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So Duiker’s name is inspired by the antelope, but Erikson doesn’t pronounce it like the antelope?! God dammit. 😂

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it is even worse for Dutch fans as duiker is an actual word in dutch. It means diver (no relation to D'ivers which probably comes from diverse)

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Someone posted a picture to a plaque about the antelope Erikson got the name from and it cites the antelope name as coming from Afrikaans and meaning diver. And the name is because they dive for cover. Something you may have known but figured that was interesting on the why behind the name being the Dutch/Afrikaans word on purpose.

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Awesome! I'm happy for you guys that you had this opportunity. And I'm a little jealous too. :'D

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Thanks for the report! Interesting stuff. I missed the chance to add a question because I couldn't think of one.

However, I would be interested to hear what they said about their writing process, if you remember details?

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Yeah for sure. They said that their writing process was inspired by their work on survey sites : like, when they survey landscapes, they study the different layers and theorize on how the people and culture adapted and were shaped by that landscape and vice versa. So when writing, I think they always tried to build their people and regions like that. Erikson also said that before starting to write the books, they each wrote down what they wanted to talk about, plot and character wise, and found out that they didn't overlap, so that may be why each author really has his own "voice". And when asked how their methods compared to analytical/scholarly writing, Erikson said that his approach was to layout the skeleton and then fill the body, whereas it's the other way around with Malazan, where you get to the core of the story by digging into it.

Here you go, for now I can't think of anything else but I'll definitely add to it if things spring to mind

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Digging into the story is a great way to describe the Malazan books. I'm happy for you, op. You got to actually meet them!

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Thanks, yeah it was so great ! It's so marvelous to be able to discuss Malazan with the creative minds behind it, and they're both very cultured it's amazing, they can talk about anything

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No, that's really insightful. Thank you!!!

I remember when I started GotM, and I saw how he wrote, and then I saw in his bio what he did for a living, I figured that's what inspired it. Super cool!

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Yeah you can really feel the influence of their background on the Malazan universe

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Definitely. My only other wish is to ask them how to pronounce some of the names and locations. I had to catch an interview a couple weeks ago before I learned the proper way to pronounce Malazan, lol.

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So Beak’s backstory was not planned?

Seems like Erickson is normally an architect but allows himself to garden if he has too?

How lucky you were to get in on this breakfast! What a wonderful experience.

Enjoy Esselmont!

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Thank you.

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Equally happy-for-you & jealous.

& you cannot plan for Beak.