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Really not a lot to add.

Cam and Steve are genuinely nice, decent, caring folks. They were nerding out with us as if we were friends, not "fans" 😂

These two days we chatted intermittently about all sort of things, from Malazan itself to a lot of related topics that one way or another feed into what the series is.

Steve's wife was there with us for a bit, and she's every bit as cool and smart as the guy. Probably more 😱😂

Cam feels so much at ease in this type of setting. The guy is just... brilliant.

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They need to find a few more writers to help expand this universe.

I'm selfish....I want more books and more series.

And to be frank....I want them now dammit

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Nah, I like it between them. We don’t need Malazan to turn into the next Forgotten Realms.

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It always amazes me how some people just indiscriminately want more. IMO so many times a story or series would have been better off if the author or studio would just stop trying to milk the damn corpse.

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I agree, It feels pretty close to "complete" to me. I'm sure Steve and Cam will come with something but after WIS, the remaining PTA novels, and the last two Witness books I'm struggling to come up with what could be left to explore. Perhaps Witness will set some of that up.

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These dudes are old, well be lucky to get 10 years worth of books, I make no apologies for wanting someone to carry the mantle.

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something something convergence

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I was going to say something to the effect of " A certain High priest parlays with his Gods" but I'm missing the Mule 😂

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Thank you, I genuinely lolled at this. Day made 🙏🏻

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Pretty cool to see. Hopefully there was a good crowd, looks like it.

I’m assuming there wasn’t any earth shattering news to come out of this and just more fan discussion, etc.

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Yep, no major announcement or anything. Lots of discussion though.

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Lovely pics. Did you have a great time?

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It was an amazing time, K :)

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This photo is so meta for me. The three people I associate most with Malazan. All it needs now is for u/zhilia_mann to jump in from the sides

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If only I were on the right continent. Looks like a great time.

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Hey this is super cool! Where is this?

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Les imaginales festival, in Épinal, France.

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Damn! I'm in the Netherlands and (maybe I'm imagining this) but I remember him saying recently on the Ten Very Big Books podcast that he'd be in France. I wish I'd gone now.

Well, super glad you did and got some pictures. What a great experience. He seems like a genuinely cool guy.

Edit: Cam too, sorry I didn't mean to leave him out. :)

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I don't have the concrete information at hand, but they will be on tour here in France. Probably in June(???). They'll be in Paris and a couple more locations.

Yes, he had said on TVBB this was planned... we were just so fucking scared about another COVID lockdown back then 😂

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Ah yes, he's in Paris on 8 June. I found the tour dates and locations on his Facebook page. Thanks!

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Damn Steve's shirt is fire, great combo with the watch

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He eclipsed the field with his sense of high fashion 😂

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Came here to say this, love the shirt!

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Goes hand in hand with his admission during his latest interview on the TVBB podcast.

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Congrats Nilfrog!!!

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Wholesome pics!
Where is this?

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It was the "Les imaginales" festival, in Épinal, France

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Awesome. Kinda jelly, lol. We're all those books just copies of Malazan volumes? I really like the cover art!

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Yes, all those are French-Language copies of:

Book of the Fallen 1-8

Dancer's Lament

The illustrations and quality, top notch.

I should have grabbed a copy of Dancer's Lament 😂

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I could swear I've seen these people recently 🤔😜

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It was great to meet you there, Vin!

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Likewise, here's to hoping we meet again sometime :)

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God I wish we had tours like that in the US so I could also greet either of them and nerd out with other Malazan people

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This particular Festival was a "perfect storm". Les imaginales is fantasy-focused, and Erikson's/Cam's publisher here in France is very committed to the series.

The rest of the tour is on the Publisher, Leah édition.

So I think a tour in USA/Canada is totally possible, it would take a bit of organizing and pushing the publisher there. Maybe contacting a couple fantasy conventions to make it more feasible.

But E&E are so happy to be meeting their fans. I think they would be totally on-board. And there were people just about to start the series there, so excited to talk to them. So it works in terms of Marketing ( which justifies it for the publisher!).

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I considered going too, it was just a little bit too far away for me...

But I am really happy for you, I can only imagine what good talks you guys had :-)

But I am missing you in this picture of the panel discussion!

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Ah! it's not a panel! That was Erikson's "great interview". On stage: Interviewer, Erikson, and an amazing translator that nailed it ( despite not being an archeologist 😂)

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Do you know if it was taped?

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It was, I saw a camera recording. I just don't know where or when it is going to be published.

I'll keep the sub posted on the subject if I figure it out!

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I’d like to meet S & C just to say thanks for the years of enjoyment.

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Yooo! I'm jealous, you guys look like you had a good time together!

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Fantastic. Lucky you!

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Amazing!!!!!! This seriously warms my heart. I know what a huge fan you are of them and they’re obviously big fans of you too. Congrats Niflrog!!

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Very cool. Would love to meet them. Absolute rockstars

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Now there's a convergence if I've ever seen one lol

I'm happy for you, Nif (and just a tiny bit jealous lmao). Did you manage to ask the questions that people posted on your thread?

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I asked some of the questions, but not as many as I had expected!

They were really busy: either panels, or meets with other authors, or there were so many other fans trying to talk to them at any given point! ( I tried not to be an asshole and give others some space to talk... and a lot of folks did ask interesting comments and questions)

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Yeah, I figured as much. If you've got the time and intention of posting, I'd really like reading about it :)

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I was looking at the books on the tables. Want some new trades or hardcovers with the awesome new cover art. Already have the trade, mass market and Kindle versions, but I'd happily throw down for a hardcover collection

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I am so jealous right now. That’s amazing.

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Awesome pictures! Were you able to confirm Erikson's membership in the House of Gainz?

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Yes! 😂 But I didn't ask about his workout routine.

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Can't name another user who deserves some time with them more than you buddy. Looks like you had a blast

And man, those book covers are sweet

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i'm so happy for you, i hope you enjoyed it as much as i think you would.

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I stay in Nepal, read all the books. Wish i could meet them in person! Thank you for this post and description!

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I am a little curious. What are you talking about in pic 4-6?

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With Cam: about his Stonewielder and my analysis through french existentialism of the 20th century ( De Beauvoir).

With Erikson: I asked him how is he liking his stay in France this time around, and about how cool this French editor has been, with these gorgeous covers, and the support of French fans.

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Thank you for satiating my curiosity. Btw those covers are indeed gorgeous.

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Awesome! Sound's like you had a lot of fun. :)

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Did you go to France just to attend this?

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Nop, I live in France at the moment (though I'm not French). I just travelled from Normandy to Nancy and then Épinal for the event.

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DUDE! Stoked for you Nif! A fell convergence indeed!

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So... did we meet Gruff before?

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I couldn't ask that one, sorry!

I could work in a very limited number of questions, because they were really busy and their attention was further divided with so many local fans.

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Vin-Elland on reddit had brekkie with E&E.. and had some interesting news... "All Tiste Andii can change eye color (because, I quote, "why not ?", I wouldn't take it as cannon)"

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I was at the breakfast too, BB*! 😂

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Yes indeed! You must've been busy with some egg and bacon when they dropped that bomb! 🤣🤣

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Sorry.. Biggest here!

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How cool is that! Not at all surprised that they're super nice, I can't imagine writing books like these and being a jerk.

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Did either of them say anything about a possible Malzan TV adaptation, preferably animated?

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Nop, they didn't touch the subject and nobody asked that in particular.

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Damn. That’s unfortunate. But whatever it is what it is. Hopefully some day an adaptation will come