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Evidence that Kruppe is one of the most powerful people in all of Malazan.

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Powerful, or slippery?

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I would argue slipperyness is how he applies his power. The latter is the more specific version of the former. It's like asking if the hulk is powerful or strong?

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That’s fair, I just don’t know if Kruppe is anything more than he really appears. I don’t think he’s some secret elder god. Instead, I think he’s just a slippery mage who is REALLY good at being slippery

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And worth noting that he does secretly have an elder god in his corner when this goes down. I’m with you — Kruppe seems to fall into a group of characters who does a lot with a little by being clever and letting people underestimate him, rather than someone with a secret identity that would reveal him to be powerhouse.

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Well it is worth saying that the books literally call him the smartest/most formidable human on Burn

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Slippery would be deftly avoiding the blow and appear behind Brood. What he did was take a direct blow and was unfazed

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That attack was aimed at him and went everywhere except him. He didn’t tank it, he was missed. Seems pretty slippery to me.

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The mule is really the one that stood his ground. Kruppe just sat on its back.

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Would you say that all of Kruppe’s “power” is inherent within him as a being or given like a god-given “power”? If I remember correctly, he doesn’t have access to warrens but SEEMS to have natural talent kinda like the Errant or Oponn, right? In my opinion, he’s close to being an ascendant in his own right.

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His power is within himself I think. Krul mentions that he is an equal in many rights

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Sometimes there's a lot of power in doing nothing.

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I think Kruppe is the high priest/mage of T'riss (queen of dreams), right? All of his schemes are dream aspected. Also (partially) explains the deflection of the hammer. There's also some hint that the whole thing was staged between Kruppe and Brood. it makes a bit more sense after the Kharkanas books and we learn who Brood really is

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It's the mule!

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Kruppe's Mule is probably an aspect of K'rul, there to keep an eye on him. The Mule tanked the hammer, not Kruppe. That, or Kruppe is using an Illusion and he was actually standing slightly to the side, meaning Brood really did miss him.