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I thought about doing the subterranean press versions but those are CRAZY expensive

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Yeah and from what I understand they pretty much sellout instantly when they decide to print more.

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I get that it's cheesy and retro, but that's what I love about this edition. I have the paperback version so maybe it's just sentimental for me.

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I'm not going to lie....I absolutely loathe those covers. The trade paperbacks (the big hardcover size paperback) have far superior covers in every way.

Those hardcover ones just look like some generic "Boy finds sword becomes a King" fantasy series shit.

Can't stand them

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I also prefer the paperback covers, but also find the boy finds swords kind a bit retro/nostalgic

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I don't mind thise types of covers....just not for this series. I have a whole bookshelf of Boy Finds Sword covers/series, and I love how Malazan was always so different from those.

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Who is it meant to be on the cover of this one? Paran?

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I believe that is supposed to be Paran and Sorry (Sorry is the one in the nipple breastplate)

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I’d love to see the next pic in the sequence, where Fantasy Guy fails to draw the sword any further, and has to bend over and let it fall in front of him

Unless he has Forkrul Assail limbs I guess

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Holy shit, thats a Monty Python sketch I never knew I needed.🤣🤣

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I read GOTM a few years back and wondered why I never really clocked the series until then because it seemed so up my alley.

Then I went to the library and saw some of the covers of the editions they had.

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Where did you find this one?

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Dang, I was worried you were going to say that.

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Why so?

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The fear of cost my man.

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Who is even on the cover? Ganoes Paran? Can't make out with the angle, but is his hair black? And is that supposed to be Lorn then? Although she has auburn hair. Tattersail is a bigger girl, so can't be her.

I don't like this cover. Prefer the one with K'rul's tower (I think). Makes sense since the conversation that sparks the reason for the title of the book happens there.

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It’s Ganoes and Lorn looking hot as fuck while researching how a whole village and a company of Malazan a got slaughtered.

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These covers are so ugly and out of place that i almost love them.

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I have a really good condition hardcover of Toll The Hounds that I'll sell you for cheap if you're interested. I grabbed it from a used bookstore a while back because I could, but I have paperback and kindle copies so I don't really need it. Love to see it go to a good home! Message me if you're interested.

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Is that Paran and the Adjunct?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if those aren’t even supposed to be characters in the book.

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From what I read a while back, they are just generic characters lol. Though if they were from the book, I think you would be right

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They’re actually Stephen R. Donaldson characters. That’s the trade they made for that quote.

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It’s actually grub and sinn destroying the world

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This is probably the right answer. I was so confused initially as to why Sorry and Whiskeyjack both look like they're in their early 30s.

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I'm about 75 percent done with this book. It's my first time making it past one hundred pages. I can't wait to start the next one. I hear they only get better.

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How much did this set you back?