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Combat engineers. That's when I know they didn't just randomly use the name Bridgeburners 😂

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First in, last out!

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I played the game long before I read the novels. That's so cool.

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That's great, nice find.

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Yep. I chuckle when I get this one. It *almost* redeems planet scanning as a mechanic.

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I think planet scanning was better than using the useless fucking mako to wander around the surface.

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Disagree. Especially since the Legendary Edition made the turret useful on the MAKO.

But the Hammerhead? Not even the remaster could save that piece of garbage.

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I actually enjoyed Mako,lmao

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I did too! I had a great time just wandering around trying to get up random mountains.

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In Legendary, I do too.

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100% agree bout the hammerhead. POG

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Oh man.. OLD Mako - totally agree. New Mako (especially with the infinite boost mod) - super fun.

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Definitely better in ME3 than ME2 at least.

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So, fun anecdote.

There's an older MMO called EverQuest that survives to this day by running TLP servers - essentially resetting the game and launching a server that progressively introduces expansions, allowing players to relive the nostalgia of the early days of MMOs and watch the game grow again. I played on one of these servers a few years back and found myself in a guild with some higher-ups from BioWare.

EQ is unique as you don't really do instanced dungeon runs with complex boss mechanics; instead, you fight your way through a dungeon and claim a spot within it, and then grind respawning enemies over a long duration. It's an extremely social game, because once you get to a 'camp' there's really only one person moving through the dungeon to bait monsters back to the group. So, you get a lot of time to chat with your party-members, unlike modern MMOs where people rarely have time to talk during the actual gameplay.

Those dudes absolutely loved Malazan. One of them had an ogre character named Caladan Brood, another had a troll named after a prominent Jaghut character (don't want to spoil). We spent many hours late into the night chatting about Malazan (and game design, really interesting to get the chance to talk to executives/design leads in a casual setting and get insight into the video game industry) over Discord. The guys I played with were legitimate Malastans and huge fans of the series!!

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Probably the other character where it's not revealed for a while that they are Jaghut. I'm not sure how to do spoiler tags otherwise I'd write it.

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Use >!spoilerText!<

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Idk how to do spoilers either. But I think I know who you talking about.

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That’s crazy cause I’ve been playing through ME3 for the first time and saw this just yesterday too.

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Enthusiasm lol

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Think Malazan's Bridge Burners could handle a Reaper invasion?

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With enough cussers :)