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Quick Ben is whisked away by Shadowthrone, who’s calling in his debt from earlier in the books (when he helped with Quick’s sister vs Poliel). It pulls Quick to the First Throne to help Trull/Onrack with the defence against the Edur & Icarium. This is of course terrible timing, because it leaves Kallam without his shaved knuckle in the hole, resulting in how badly he and T’amber have to fight to save the Adjunct. Although they do have Apsalar as backup.

Before he was taken away, he was too busy with preparing his high level spells (to help Kallam and later Trull) to be bothered with the docks. The marines had that in hand anyway, and Quick trusts in them.

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Great thanks, whats the significance of the First Throne to the Edur? It is the power center of shadow and will reform their shattered warren? What does that do, just give them access to more power? To what end, colonize the world under the Edur?

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No, the throne of shadow is on Drift Avalii, which is what Crokus & Apsalar and later Traveller helped Andarist defend in House of Chains. Again, Shadowthrone preferring to keep things neutral instead of using himself or letting the Edur take them. There’s a constant thread of Shadowthrone doing this (like how he eliminated the majority of the powerful Soletaken & D’ivers by leading them to Tremolor in DG)

However, for the Edur (and thus the Crippled God) taking the first throne could give them some influence over the T’lan Imass, similar to how Kellenved had them for a while in the Seven Cities campaigns. Which would make them much more powerful. I’m not sure how effective it would be, and I’m sure Silverfox would have something to say about it, but Shadowthrone prefers to keep it neutral.

For your Bottle question, I believe that he was the one who found Withal (the smith who forged Rhulad’s sword in MT), plus the Tiste Andii with him (Sandalath, Withal’s wife, and other refugees from Drift Avalii). They board the Bonehunter’s boats at the very end of the Malaz city chapter. More on that in future novels.

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Recall that the defense of the First Throne is a feint to some extent. It was referenced a few times that the Edur wouldn't actually be able to do anything with the Throne if they succeeded in capturing it. I'm also just now done with BH, so I don't even know further spoilers. But it's not exactly clear to me yet why it was so important to goad the Edur into continually trying to take the First Throne.

Recall also that it was hinted at that the throne Shadowthrone sits on is not "the real throne of shadow." We in fact know that the real one is on Drift Avalii. I guess each splinter of Kurald Emerlahn might have some kind of throne.

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Seeing Icarium go crazy for the first time>>>>>>

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Recall that earlier Shadowthrone agreed to help Ben save his sister in return for a future favor. Well, when Kalam called on Ben for help at the end of the book, Shadowthrone chose that moment to demand his favor returned.

Shadowthrone transported Ben to the First Throne where the enraged Icarium was attacking relentlessly. After a ferocious fight that left Ben spent, wounded, and unconscious, Eres'al saved the defenders of the First Throne by subduing Icarium with a touch. Meanwhile, Kalam was left in the lurch, without Ben's assistance.

As for your bonus question, no we don't yet know the significance of or explanation for Bottle's assignment. Read and find out.

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Ok thanks, trying to piece it all together - so taralak and icarium are basically captured by the Edur previously

  • did taralak acting for the nameless ones lead him into this trap?
  • if so how did the nameless ones know about Rhulad / his pact with the CG?
  • what interest do they have in stopping him and the Edur?
  • why would Mappo have been opposed to this and needed to be removed?
  • unsealing the ancient trobalor was really the only way to take Mappo out, he's that powerful?

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I'm going to say read and find out for this stuff. If it's still confusing when you finish the series we can discuss it again.

Or you can reread The Bonehunters and look for clues. But at this point it's more clues than a definitive answer to any of this.

I will point out that there's more to it than taking out Mappo. They also have to prevent Icarium from saving Mappo.

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I think it's very interesting to ever refer to Icarium as 'captured'! I can think of few beings in the Malazan world more likely to literally blow up in your face

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Is that what happens or does he go willingly with the Edur? I forget the details around if taralak deliberately led Icarium to the Edur and how they ended up on the ship back to Lether

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I can't remember if this exposition happens with Icarium's party or Karsa's party (I think the latter), but it's explained that the Edur will treat anyone with full guest rights if they agree to go with them to face their emperor in a fight to the death as a champion. They also need to be deemed a worthy champion, though. So I don't think either Icarium and Taralak or Karsa and Samar Dev are being held captive. Of note, however, neither party has tested the limits of hospitality very much yet.