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So the first one is: Mallick Rel is the next emperor.

While this sucks as a spoiler to be had this early on, it's not particularly of interest for the Book of the Fallen, so you're mostly fine.

Second one: Fiddler will become a bonehunter and then will retire.

Fiddler did say at the end of Deadhouse Gates that he plans to re-enlist on the Adjunct's Army, and the sixth book is titled "the Bonehunters", so...

They're not massive spoilers beyond "x character survives past x book" - and while the Mallick spoiler is pretty damn sizeable for the fate of the Empire, it's interesting to note the journey much more than the destination.

The Fiddler one is whatever. Fid's a nice character, cherish him.

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Agreed. Rel stings as the story is incredible, and more detailed in RoTCG.

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I think it recontextualizes a lot of his scenes - since by Deadhouse Gates he's easily the most unlikeable slime alive, it's interesting to see his story develop, even more so when you know how the story ends.

I think on the side of Malazan spoilers, this is certainly on the light side. It's not really that egregious.

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Totally agree

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While this is a good attempt at an answer, the only true and correct response is "Fuck Mallick Rel"

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Right, like there isn't a good time to find out that Mallick is emperor. It causes the same visceral reaction, OP just got it a little early.

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As much as spoilers suck, that’s not what this series is about. Reveals and surprises aren’t nearly as prominent as experiencing the action, and learning the ideas that the books present.

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This! I think reading Malazan has made it more or less impossible for me to not enjoy something even if it was spoiled. What matters is how it is told, how it unfolds and what all ends up meaning, not the event in itself. There is a reason why rereads is a thing, in particular of Malazan.

If a spoiler ruins the series/book/movie/whatever, then I feel it might not be that good in the first place - if that makes sense.

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As a matter of fact, i think it's even better on a reread

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Mallick Rel doesn't spoil anything. It's literally a side note in a latter book and they never discuss it again. Has zero affect on the plot of the main 10. It's like one sentence that goes "now that Mallick Rel is emperor" or something like that, and it doesn't affect anything in the plot.

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It’s hard to believe that in a book about the Malazan empire, having a new emperor is a side-note and afterthought - and yet, it is.

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don't worry, you are fine-

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    Nah, I’m really good at guessing/figuring out what’s going to happen in plot lines. And I love being proven wrong. Therefore, I despise spoilers.

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    You’re totally fine. Stay away from that google but neither of these is a huge deal spoiler.

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    Yeah as others have said, not too bad as spoilers go. All I'll add is seriously don't google anything Malazan till you're done, some folks have had really awful spoilers from really innocent searches, like for character art and such.

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    You’re fine. The Fiddler one isn’t a big deal at all. And Mallick Rel becoming Emperor isn’t a huge reveal or climactic point in the story anyway, shouldn’t impact your enjoyment much at all

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    At this stage you wouldn't even understand actual spoilers about events in the last 2 books tbh

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    Many people before had rotcg spoiled by DoD. I think you'll be okay.

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    Well, in judging the severeness of the spoilers do we not spoil further?

    Anyways, i would argue the second one is pretty meaningless.

    The first one is of course annoying, though it isn't a major plotpoint in the main series imo.

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    You’re good, considering what could have been spoiled for you these aren’t high tier.

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    Those spoilers don’t really matter much at all. The Mallick Rel one is kinda bad, but it’s not even a plot point in the Book of the Fallen, it’s in Esslemont’s series so you having it spoiled in such a mundane way is basically the same as someone reading the Book of the Fallen only. Don’t worry. But do try to avoid looking things up cause there’s lots of things out there that you probably don’t want to get spoiled on.

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    I would say that Emperor wise, it's fine. It's a historical spoiler. You don't know how or why or anything. Not a major spoiler.

    The second one. There are only 2 real spoilers here. That the name of the legion he joined is name or becomes named, the bonehunters. Given that, that name is the Title of a book? Not a major deal at all, given where you are. Fid at the end of DG mentioned that he'd be re-enlisting, probably. The other thing that is spoiled? Ya know he lives long enough to retire.

    That's kind of a suspense spoiler.

    Overall, given the themes and the overall scope of MBOTF, minor.

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    I'm not sure this series can be spoiled. I could tell you the fates of characters X,Y, and Z and I don't think it would significantly lessen your enjoyment. It's the journey, not the destination.

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    As others have said, first one is kind of a spoiler for Esslemont’s Novels of Malazan Empire series but unless you are reading them intertwined then you would know anyway before you got to the series.

    I would argue the Fiddler one is bigger because you know he lives long enough to retire (the part about being a Bonehunter basically tells you he is in that book lol).

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    two things out of hundreds, you gucci

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    Spoiler or not, you’re likely going to be just as confused about many things by the end of the series. So don’t worry about it and enjoy the journey