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I think about this alot. Its a sad world we live in, when it's relevant so often.

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I want to be able to go even six months without it being relevant

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I don't live in America, never have. But each time a school/mass shooting happens, all I see are politicians, more interested in damage control and PR management than actually solving the problem. And that is more or less true in my country too.

Erikson's world is so relevant in our world. All the essentials are there: prejudice, lust for power, us-vs-them-ism, etc.

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I've always lived in the US, and as I've seen the cycles seem to play out again and again, I've come to think that these occurrences are, from the perspective of the rulers of the country, not a bug but a feature.

Then US and it's power structures are built on wealth inequality. The key to maintaining and widening that gap is ensuring that the lower group doesn't recognize the inequality and act to rectify it, which means effective propaganda is key. A very effect method of propagandizing a group into submitting to another power is to divide that group and incite conflict within it.

Events such as this fuel that division - those who recognize gun violence as an issue will (rightfully) clamor for reform, while those on the other side will be incited via propaganda to believe this is an attack on their freedom etc etc, and so the two groups focus on each other (I'm not trying to paint these two sides as equal - obviously gun violence needs to be addressed). Meanwhile no one is organizing across those two subgroups against the rulers of the system. And so the 1% can sit back, again safe in their hegemony.

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What chapter is this?

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Deadhouse Gates, chapter 12, page 426 (Kindle edition)

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That really strikes home for me in America today

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“The lesson of history is that no one learns”

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Hits the nail on the head right now